20 Days to a clean home!

Day 1 of 20 Days To Organise & Clean Your Home – The Organised Housewife.

Monday, 3rd September 2012

Day 1 of 20 Days To Organise & Clean Your Home – The Organised Housewife.

When Katrina from The Organised Housewife, recently created a new program to get your house back on track and in order in just 20 days, I nearly flipped my lid.

What a challenge. I was so excited as I knew Kat would leave no place unturned and perhaps this was exactly what Chaos HQ needed!


So I hope you guys enjoy a peek at Chaos HQ and what I will make of it as I tackle each task to find some kind of mess-free peace in our home again.

20 Days to Clean & Organise your Home

Day 1 – The Kitchen.

I think it’s safe to say that I not only have the smallest kitchen out of anyone else I know, I have the biggest family to go with it.

It takes one snack time to destroy a days work of cleaning it up at the moment so I am hoping this new approach see’s it stay clean.

Here’s some BEFORE photos for your viewing pleasure….

Kitchen Mess 1

Kitchen Mess 2


Now as you can see there was a fair bit of clutter in our tiny tiny kitchen.

Things never get put away, dishes are always left till the last minute, the freezer collects junk so I cant get into it.

So after many interruptions and a coule of little set backs, I can proudly report that the kitchen is now clean!

Hubby even wiped down the cupboard doors for me.

Here’s some proof of the clean kitchen:

So there you go, day one completed.

Katrina, I am ready for day 2!


kitchen clean
I wonder how long it will stay this way???


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    1. Great job! Our kitchen is ridiculously small too for the amount of people here. I totally understand the one snack and the kitchen is destroyed thing.

    2. Way to go Jac! That looks fantastic!! My fear is the maintenance too. I am so determined to not let it get that bad again. Good luck!

    3. Meg

      Well done. Looks fab. Im joining the challenge too (although behind already! LOL). Good luck with the bedroom tommorow :D

    4. Woah, and I thought our first kitchen was tiny! Was probably about the same size space-wise but only had to cater for me and Ben! Good work on getting it done!!

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