20 Days to a clean home!

Day 3 – 20 Days To A Clean Home – The Laundry.

Thursday, 6th September 2012

Day 3 – 20 Days To A Clean Home – The Laundry.

So The Organised Housewife wanted the Laundry spick and span on day 3… Because I was super busy and a day behind I asked MonsterSquad Dad and Jai to give me a hand with what I thought was a fairly straight forward clean up job.

Clean the laundry.

Collect up all the dirty washing.

Sort it into appropriate washing bins.

Easy…. right?


Granted, we had the most run down laundry in history. It is separate from the house, it’s sinking at a rapid pace and the window is almost non existant, but I can still tell the difference when it’s clean and when it’s not…

Here’s how it looked when I first asked them to help out:

Here you can see what a mess it was. There was piles of junk just sitting in front of the laundry bins, dryer lint on everything and enough grime on the top of the washing machine that you could almost write your name in it. It really is a difficult room to keep clean as it it almost 'open air' it is subject to the elements, including wind storms and general outside grime.

So when the men (boys) went missing for the best part of an hour or so, I questioned how they were going.

“We’ve sorted all the washing, now we just need to do a quick tidy up”.

Ok then. Quick hey boys?

This is what 2 of the men in my life call a clean laundry.

And people wonder why I get frustrated…

Laundry 2
Washing piled as high as can be. Dirty socks still on the floor. Dryer lint everywhere. And you want to know the excuse I got??? "Well the lint's just gonna come back again isn't it??" ARGH!!!

So, I ‘spat kittens sideways’, so to speak and put hubby to work in the lounge room, cleaning his precious Tv and sound system, while I did the job properly today.

After 2.5 hours of cleaning, sorting, rearranging and pumping washing through the machine, here is what it looks like now:

Laundry 3
I wiped all the dryer lint off the towel cupboard, de-cobwebbed the walls and ceiling, wiped over all the surfaces with some warm soapy water and swept up a mountain of dust and lint from around the floor. I sorted the washing into the bins and tidied the shelf.

The laundry now looks twice the size it did. I can move easily in there with baskets under my arms and I haven’t tripped over anything the last 2 loads of washing!!

Our laundry needs to be completely rebuilt as the foundations are all rotten, but of course that’s not in our budget anytime soon so for the time being I am just going to create some nice prints for the wall (to distract from the bodginess) and I may even whip up some kind of curtain to cover the cracked and rotten window.

I will update with that progress as the 20 Days To A Clean & Organised Home Challenge continues!

And lastly, I must say that the thought of doing the laundry is so much less daunting now its much easier to get to it, and I should also add that hubby has now redeemed himself by doing an awesome job of sorting out his TV cabinet.

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    1. Ok, huge improvement - so really you did a great job. I can't imagine having to do laundry for a family of 8. I'm struggling with my family of 5. I've yet to tackle re-organising my laundry, but luckily for me, it's a matter of actually getting rid of the stuff we've put aside to give away and wiping off the lint from the top of the dryer, and putting away the packs of toilet paper we've bought. have to find a space for those!!

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