About Me: Jacqui, Chaos Co-ordinator and Monster Wrangler!

If you’re looking for Monster Mayhem and Everyday Chaos, you’ve come to the right place!

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Hi and thanks for stopping by to get to know me a little better!

My name is Jacqui, chaos co-ordinator and writer in chief at Common Chaos Chronicle.

Before that though, I am a wife, a mother and a step-mum.

Sounds fairly simple…. right?


Ok, I forgot to mention that I’m married to the most disorganised man in Australia, I have 6 young children that I refer to as my MonsterSquad (often with good reason) and although complicated circumstances prevent us from seeing much of my husband’s daughter, we love her to bits and are glad she knows it.

If that’s not enough to keep me busy day in and day out, we have almost a zoo’s worth of pets including cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits and fish who all get a random mention on the blog here and there.

On the advice of many I have decided to release my brain into blog form and share my thoughts, ideas and hilarious stories about the day to day life in our house. Not only will it make for a good record if my head does eventually explode off my shoulders, it will allow me to unclog the years and years of ideas and experience I have built up in my brain.

So when I’m not elbows deep in dirty nappies, drowning in the washing pile or wrestling monsters, I enjoy:

* Traditional scrapbooking and I have just developed a keen interest in digital scrapbooking too.

* Music – Love it, used to play guitar and would love to get back into it.

* All things DIY – especially interior design.

* Hand crafts such as crotchet, sewing, knitting, paper craft etc etc…    and

* Organising anything – My house, parties, functions etc…

Blogging is my outlet. Its my source of communication with other grown ups and also helps us out with a little extra mullah.

I love the friendships I have made with my readers and the community we have on the Facebook Common Chaos Chronicle Page. I’d love for you to comment and join in on our chaos whenever you can!

I hope you enjoy our crazy antics as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

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  1. Joan Hart

    Hi Jac, how clever are you? great start to your blog I will look forward to reading it each day Just one thing not sure I like the the font on "all about me" so could you change it cos I had trouble reading it. (sorry) Love you all loads Joan xxxx

  2. Hey Aunty Joan, Im in the process of getting some help to enlarge it. Hopefully it can be done in the coding, otherwise i will have to give in and change the font. Hope not because I really do like it! Luv Jac xo

  3. kloi-jayd

    hi jac, in the coding you should be able to make it bigger quite easily. do you want me to send you the code?

  4. Sandy Burton

    I so love reading you're blog and what you have done is great :-)

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