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Aussie Curves – Breaking The Rules!!!

Sunday, 28th October 2012

Aussie Curves – Breaking The Rules!!!

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This week’s edition of Aussie Curves is running rather late. Better late than never though so here I am, breaking what I think is a massive fashion rule.


Cos I’m cool like that!

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

I have this real thing about socks, and when people wear them with thongs.

I just can’t cope with it, no matter how hard I try or how judgmental I try not to be. It irks me. BAD!!!

So I have decided to take the whole sock thing one step further, in the name of breaking rules, because heck, I would never seriously do it. EVER.

Introducing the cutest, fluffiest, butterfly toe socks on the market today – gifted from MonsterSquad Grandma!

Toe Socks

And just because I never break the rules, I thought I’d take this one step further.

Are you ready?

Ok, here goes….

Socks in thongs.


Let us never ever speak of this again….. PLEASE!



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    1. I can. not. stand anything between my toes. I can't wear thongs and there is NO way I would put on those socks. Good on you ;)

    2. hehehe thats a no no for me. socks and thongs= bad. lol but those socks are awesome! xx

    3. glenda davies

      At least you put them on.Don,t know about the thongs though

    4. abearmadethis


    5. bahaha!! That is stylin'. I can see those socks would be super warm and comfy for walking around the house...but in Just no.

    6. ROFL !!!!!

    7. let me say, cutest pair of shoes, i have ever seeen,..hehehehheh

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