Aussie Curves – The Blue Edition.

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This week’s Aussie Curves Challenge is BLUE.

I was most delighted because I have heaps and heaps of blue in my wardrobe.

So much so that I could have almost worn the colour blue everyday for a week and not wear the same thing twice.

The biggest problem with this though is deciding what to wear for my Aussie Curves post.

I have “ummed” and “ahhed” for days, and then the good luck fairy shone down on me and my aunty donated me 2 garbage bags of her clothes she no longer wanted.


So. Many. New. Clothes.

Aussie Curves Blue clothes

In a last minute decision I have teamed up an awesome blue jacket with a patterned top she gave me.

I added this to my teal coloured jeans and funky new shoes.

To top this look off I have added my beaded necklace and bracelets.

I would have loved to do something different with my hair today too, however time was not on my side this morning, so a frizzy messy mop of curls it is!

Aussie Curves Blue 1

Blue Jacket: Postie Fashions

Patterned Top: Under Cover Wear

Teal Jeans: Autograph

Shoes: Big W – CURRENTLY ONLY $4!!!

Bracelets: Big W

Necklace: Cotton On Kids

What is your favourite colour to wear?

Do you wear it often?

Does a particular colour really suit you?

I’m asking all the big questions today!!! LOL


9 Thoughts on “Aussie Curves – The Blue Edition.

  1. Haha, even the flowers are blue!!

  2. Got to love those last minute decisions that pay off big time! Great work lady.

  3. You look fab in blue Jacqui! And oh how nice to get some hand-me-downs! I love it when you don’t have to search the earth or spend $$ on good fashion pieces. Great jacket that you can also team with other outfits too! 🙂 And…ummm…$4 shoes…hell I have to run out and get myself some!

  4. Ha! You’ve gone blue all over! Love the necklace: that shade really suits you x

  5. love the blues used – especially those shoes.

  6. The jewellery is lovely! Can’t believe it’s just Big W. I love wearing blue. All these Curves posts are giving me some great ideas.

  7. commonchaoschronicle on Wednesday, 10th October 2012 at 2:46 pm said:

    I have been impressed with Big W’s jewellery lately. It’s good, and not too pricey. Aussie Curves has coaxed me out of my old trackies everyday. I love it!

  8. OOoh, all these different shades of blue just sing together, and I love the pattern on that top! 🙂

  9. Blue suits you. I love your blue shoes. I must see if my local Big W has any still in stock.

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