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Aussie Curves – The Skirt Edition!

Saturday, 3rd November 2012

Aussie Curves – The Skirt Edition!

This week the Aussie Curves Challenge see’s us wearing skirts.

I had a few different ones to choose from in my never ending wardrobe of ‘things I don’t often wear’.

I don’t know why I hardly ever wear skirts, although I did get a long maxi skirt stuck in an escalator in Melbourne in my teenage years and the fear of getting another stuck is still quite present.Yep, maybe that’s it….LOL

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Anyway, I have chosen to wear a skirt that I haven’t worn for possibly the last 4 years.

I wanted to see if I even still liked it. I mean, I like the skirt, it looks lovely on the hanger, but since I don’t wear it, I’m wondering if it is even worth the valuable cupboard space that it takes up…..

So I gave it a whirl to see if I would keep it or not.

I had my daughter Zafirah take the photos for me this week. Let’s just say she’s a little more fun and creative (insert – climbing furniture & white goods for the right angle) with the camera than poor old MonsterSquad Dad.

She did insist on being a part of the post though, because afterall, she too was wearing a skirt!

Aussie Curves Skirt 1SKIRT: Target – many years ago!


DENIM VEST: Autograph – last year.

THONGS: Havaianas

NECKLACE: Cotton On Kids


Aussie Curves Skirt 2


Aussie Curves Skirt 3



So what do you think???

Worth holding on to?
A little to ‘out of fashion’?

I am still undecided.


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    1. Love her creative shots and that pose! I, personally, don't think it's too old, but then again I have never known anything about fashion. You look great!

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