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Aussie Curves Wants Me To Wear… RED RED RED!

Wednesday, 29th August 2012

Aussie Curves Wants Me To Wear… RED RED RED!

Welcome to another edition of Aussie Curves.

This week the theme is RED!

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A really difficult theme for me since I don’t really wear red, and the only thing I own that is red is my footy scarf!!!

Now I did contemplate wearing something fancy and just holding my little Elijah wearing a red suit, because after all that would be the cutest accessory ever, but I thought I needed to step outside that awkward comfort zone of black that I live in!

To get through this challenge, I have raided my mothers wardrobe! Sounds a little scary when I say that, doesn’t it? hmmmm….

None the less, it is red.

Just quietly, there’s a reason I don’t fancy myself in red, I honestly feel like Finley the fire engine. It’s true. It’s the least flattering colour I could possibly wear.

Fingers crossed, so here goes….

Red 1
Hmmm, not looking too impressed here am i??
Red 2
The bottom half!
Red 3
A bracelet I picked up from a factory outlet place a while ago. No Idea of the shop's name though!
Red 4
I really don't think it does me much justice. The combination of the bright red & the lousy maternity bra has left me looking frumpy and uncomfortable!
Red 5
Lucky I love my owl necklace!!!

I am not a big fan of this ensemble, so I’d love to hear what you ‘fashion savvy’ folk think!!!

Top: Kmart

Dress: Autograph

Leggings: Kmart

Shoes: Williams

Owl Necklace: Diva!



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    1. I think you're selling yourself look great in red!! Not link Finley at all. The dress teamed with leggings and cardigan looks really nice, and your owl necklace is lovely. btw - all maternity bras suck! I couldn't wait to get out of mine and back into underwire.

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Yep, the bra is killing me! But thanks for the compliments. xox

    3. I think you look good in red. Maybe you're just not used to wearing red? The cut is pretty good on you. I do think it's the bra though. Once you're out of maternity bras, you can then wear bras that gives your boobs a lift! :) If you're still keen on trying red but not confident on wearing a red outfit, maybe try baby steps - start with accessories. That's how I sometimes incorporate colour to my outfits. Slowly you'll see that you do look great in red! Which you do btw.

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Norlin. No I'm not used to it at all and the last time I wore red, was a horrible red polo work shirt that hugged in all the wrong places. I think I now have a fear of red! LOL

    5. I like the dress style. It sounds like you're just not comfy with so much red. I like it as an accent colour, where there is more of another colour like navy or black (or even grey). Your owl & glasses are super cute! Awesome job raiding your Mum's cupboard to participate in the challenge, that's commitment!! Well done.

    6. Red looks great on you! Love that last photo of you. Half cute smile, half are we done yet!? Heehee.

    7. It's a cute dress. If I was going to make a suggestion, I'd say a black belt and shorter cardi, but it looks great as is. On the other hand, if you don't love an outfit, you never feel good in it no matter what other people say - well I don't anyway.

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks for the suggestions. Always happy for fashion advice! xox

    9. No way do you look frumpy you look excellent. It took me a while to get used to colour but you're on the way and I'm sure you'll love it once you get used to seeing yourself ... Have a great week ;)

    10. I like the dress! If you're not used ti wearing red though it can be a bit scary- its a pretty bold and bright colour! Thats what makes it so fab though! ;)

    11. Red is very bold, I like to wear it as an accent but I think you can pull it off. A cropped cardi would work better to define your waistline and I agree about the maternity bra, those things are bitches aren't they!?!

    12. Natalie -

      I love this so much and I'm kind of in love with your owl necklace!

    13. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Natalie. I love my necklace too. I saw a similar one but it was even bigger not long ago and I cannot remember where I saw it.Hope I find it again as it was AWESOME! xox

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