Embracing Spring With Floral Pastels!

Aussie Curves BannerThis spring and summer season has seen the mass saturation of pastel colours across clothing stores everywhere.

At first, I was like “WHAT THE???!?!?!?!?!”, simply because for years and years now I have almost exclusively worn BLACK.

Light ‘pretty’ colours were everywhere and I just wasn’t sure if it was something I could be comfortable in. After all, with 6 kids, there’s a decent chance that my outfit would be messy and stained before I even ventured out of the house.

As the season has gone on and more and more pastel items are being introduced, I have found myself slightly infatuated with the pastel teal green colour that is everywhere. I can’t get enough.

Pastles 1

Its pretty, it’s feminine and it coordinates well with many other colours!

I’ve even recently started crotcheting a flower dress out of a similar teal colour too.

For today’s Aussie Curves Challenge, I am wearing an outfit predominately  purchased at Big W.

While I have found the range at my local Big W small, I have been impressed of late with the styles and prices available in the Avella, plus size section.

Pastles 2

Top: Big W – This season.

Shorts: Big W – This season.

Shoes: Big W: – This season, and might I add, only $4!!!!!!

Cardi: Grey Bolero top – Forever 21

Hair Flower: Crotchet by me!

What’s your favourite PASTEL colour?



3 Thoughts on “Embracing Spring With Floral Pastels!

  1. I love this! You look great in colour. Im not a parent but Ive always assumed that printed fabric is good for people with kids as if it gets a spill/vomit or something then it is harder to find haha. I am also a huge fan of the teal colour of late had to stop myself form buying a cardi today in the colour. maybe I will go back haha. I love your hair flower! So talented! I have never been able to crochet, my granny only did knitting so that is what I learnt from her. I want/need this hair flower haha. Might have to learn now! Great outfit you look gorgeous!

  2. ohhhhh I need to get me some of those shoes! I was thinking about getting that top! I saw it the other day and thought that it was soooo pretty. I think pastels look great on you.

  3. Cute! I must have missed this post! Love the soft colours on that top!

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