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Flaunting Fancy Nails With Aussie Curves!!!

Tuesday, 14th August 2012

Flaunting Fancy Nails With Aussie Curves!!!

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Welcome to another installment of the new blog hop linky called Aussie Curves.

Last week I discovered this challenge (that has been set up by the one and only Danimezza), and think its a fantastic incentive for me to get back out of my maternity ‘look’ and set me up to discover a new me in the process! yey!

Now last week I discovered a new found love for boots, but this weeks theme is a little different. It’s BOLD NAILS.

Let me tell you about my nails…. They’re crap! I have a definite case of dish-pan hands and since having my bub 6 weeks ago, my nails have been soft, peely and generally giving me the shits!

My nails
Dish-pan hand waiting to be 'beautified'.

Nail polish is not something I generally worry about. I find within 10minutes I have usually scratched it, picked at it or frowned at myself for trying, but since it’s the theme, I thought I had better give it a go!

Enter the Chaos MonsterSquad girls…. I yell out “Where’s all my bloody nail polish gone?” to which MonsterSquad Dad replies, “I confiscated it”. Bahahahahahahahaha!!! You see that’s how much I miss the stuff, I didn’t even know it was missing!

Anyway, there really wasn’t that much to choose from in the way of colours, so I chose gold and some extra sparkles. It’s as BOLD as these nails were going to get!

Bold nails  gold polish
My inexpensive gold nail polish!

In case you’re just dying to know where I purchased my nail polish from, I’m pretty sure it was ‘The Reject Shop’ and a Chemist cheapy stand.

kiss nails
I'll blow you all a kiss for the lack of boldness!!!


gold nails
Metallic gold with added gold top coat sparkles!

Not a bad effort for a quick job with a squirmy baby in my lap!

So that’s it for this week, no fancy outfit pictures of me since I couldn’t juggle the iphone, baby and pose all at the same time.

What does tie in well with the gold nail polish though is all my leopard print clothes, and my brown boots!

Next week’s challenge is leggings, which should be a fairly easy one for me since I wear them ALL THE TIME!

I wonder though, should I venture into the land of coloured leggings, or stick to what I know???

Guess you’ll have to read it to find out!!!



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    1. Wow LOVE those gold nails!! And those sparkles don't hurt either! This blog hop is inspiring me to go get some bold colours for my nails.

    2. Love the gold and sparkles! You did a great job on your nails. You think your nails are bad...wait until you see my little stubby ones. I hate any length to them...makes typing way too difficult.

    3. I love your nails I have to do mine but I'm shocking at applying it .

    4. Natalie -

      So cute! I actually don't own any gold nail polish, but now I want to run out and buy some!

    5. Larissa

      Love it! Nothing like a bit of glitter to put some sparkle in your life. Oh and you look GREAT!!!

    6. lol mine are thin and crap too don't worry! The sparkles look great! :)

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