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Just Call Me Marty The Zebra – It’s Aussie Curves Time Again… STRIPES!

Wednesday, 26th September 2012

Just Call Me Marty The Zebra – It’s Aussie Curves Time Again… STRIPES!

Apologies for the delay in this weeks Aussie Curves blog post.
I do have a pretty good excuse though…. I GOT PUKED ON!
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Nothing like getting all dolled up and ready to be photographed then having your 3month old baby puke all down your outfit!!!

So then it ventured into the washing pile, which in this house, is lucky if you get the same thing back within a week! (Lucky I still have plenty of maternity dresses and tunics by to wear in the meantime!)

Then I got all ready this morning, ventured outside for some photos and it’s bloody gale force winds!!! BAH.

stripes 3

So instead of putting it off again and risking being slimed (it is the school holidays here and with 6 monsters home its a big possibility) I am giving it a go with some quick average looking shots!!

Welcome to the Stripes edition of Aussie Curves.

Stripes 1

For this challenge I had to go out and buy some stripes. Yup, I haven’t ever experimented much with them as I’ve always been told to steer clear of them.

So Kmart solved the problem with a $19 stripey special.

I added a red belt which I sourced from the op-shop and I borrowed my daughter Aria’s headband! LOL

Technically, this is a skirt, but in true Jacqui fashion, I like to do things my own way.

I quite like it as a dress, although I am going to have a major whinge about one thing…. After just one wash, it is all stretched and out of shape. I guess you get what you pay for. Now I have a lop-sided one-side-longer-than-the-other stripey dress!!!!

Stripes 2

Cardigan top: Kmart
Stripey Dress: Kmart
Belt: Op-Shop
Leggings: Kmart
Shoes: Kmart
Necklace: Dangerfield
Headband: The Reject Shop

I may actually venture out into the land of stripes again however I will make sure to try on in-store just in case!


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    1. Wow! Smart chick! Would have never guessed that was a skirt tbh! You looke FAB! And smart move on adding that red belt - defines your waist too...and the cardi also streamlines your whole look. L-O-V-E! And...if you didn't share about it being lopsided, I wouldn't have noticed it!

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Im not sure if I should blame Kmart cheapness or our washing machine for the lopsided dress. Now I really cant wear it as a skirt though...

    3. Oh no, I hope it's just your machine. My skirt (the same Kmart special) is currently in the wash as I type. Fingers crossed it stays in shape as I really loved wearing it. With the cardi on, I didn't even realise this wasn't a dress. Great styling!!

    4. I would have sworn that was a dress too! Way to get more versatility out of a piece Jac. I love the red belt with it...fab choice!

    5. I saw that skirt at the shops when we were away. I was scared to try it, but you've made it work. I had a look at a few of the link ups - so many awesome stripes. I've been told never to wear stripes, since I was 14!

    6. Looking gorgeous! Got to love Kmart for some bargains! xx

    7. think about what a bargain it is - skirt and dress for less than $20......... love the belt you matched with it.

    8. this is a great look on you! loving the pop of colour with the belt :-)

    9. Bek

      Oooh nice! Great dress and great belt.

    10. Belts can do amazing things can't they, love your improvised look.

    11. Who knew Kmart did such cute dresses? This whole outfit is fab xxx

    12. Love the diagonal stripes!

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