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Knits – Of The Clothes Variety, Not The Hair Variety!!! Aussie Curves

Tuesday, 16th October 2012

Knits – Of The Clothes Variety, Not The Hair Variety!!! Aussie Curves

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I guess on a parenting blog when the word nits is mentioned you instantly cringe and start scratching… yes? Well never fear, I’m talking about the other kind of knits today!

This week’s theme for Aussie Curves is Knits.

Although many fabrics are classed as a ‘Knit’ fabric, my take on this theme is cardigans, jumpers,and anything of the wooly type variety…

Some of my very most favourite clothes are knitted, mostly being cardigans.

Today I have pulled out an all time fave to liven up a very dark outfit.

knits 1
My leopard print knitted cardigan is just perfect for spring weather. Not too hot, not too cold!

I am wearing:

Cardigan: Autograph

Layered black top: UnderCover Wear

Skirt: Postie Fashions

Leggings: Autograph

Necklace: Diva

Shoes: Big W

knits 2
I got photo bombed by the cat hardcore during these photos. Lucky he's cute!

My ‘fur baby’ Azrael wanted to be a part of the action, not once or twice but 3 times!

He’s a rather cute accessory though…..

Thanks for reading my Aussie Curves adventure.

I love that whilst being a stay at home mum on a super tight budget, I can still have some fun with fashion, and feel good about it too.

Thanks to all the Aussie Curves girls that supprt me each week!

I am having more and more fun with it as the weeks go by.



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    1. Roar! Well, I for one love knits! They are so comfortable to wear, versatile and well, easy to mix and match with, especially cardigans! I think your fur baby just wants to get in on the roaring act like you're in! ;)

    2. you are looking fab Jacqui! and your cat is the spitter of mine! love the ginger cats :) x

    3. definitely a fan of animal print :)

    4. Lovely Jacqui, you're looking gorgeous! I held off with my most fave leopard cardi, that I wear to death for this week. Love your kitty too

    5. Love it. The layered cardigan and top are just great on you. And Azrael, sigh, perfect name. I love the line about being a stay at home but still enjoying fashion. That's the best bit, I think. SO great.

    6. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Mel, I think it's true. So many mum's give up their love for clothes and fashion because their needs change with kids and I did for so long too but Aussie Curves has sparked up my old interest and I am loving it! xox

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