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Polka Dot Fun with AUSSIE CURVES

Thursday, 8th November 2012

Polka Dot Fun with AUSSIE CURVES

Aussie Curves BannerThis week I had to go rummaging through my mothers wardrobe in search of something with Polka Dots on it.

It was only because she offered me the dotty top when I needed clothes that I could wear comfortably while feeding baby Elijah a few months ago that I even knew she had it.

I have never seen MonsterSquad Grandma wear this top, and after wearing it all day myself, I’m starting to understand why!

Let me fill you in….

Aussie Curves Dots 2

It’s a chiffon type fabric, which if you ask me, is not a nice fabric to wear in the heat. Its seems to cling to each and every lump and bump I have.

I teamed it up with a borrowed white cami that’s nylon fabric made me sweat and itch like no bodies business!!!

Nope I wasn’t a fan.

But in true Aussie Curves fashion, I decided to stick it out and give it a go. After all, the reason I am joining in on the Aussie Curves Blog Hop is to try new things etc etc.

I apologise for the lack of full body shots in this post. Shortly after declaring I needed my photo taken, I got puked on by none other than little photo-bomber himself.

Aussie Curves Dots 1

Top: Target

Cami: Under Cover Wear

Other than the fabric, I quiet liked the dots and I might have to check out some cotton dots in the near future!

Are you fussy with fabrics?



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    1. That's a shame - I think it's pretty on you. I'm fussy with fabrics too though. I react badly to some so I have to be careful.

    2. Oh it is so true that the fabric can ruin a top! I hate satin tops as they never look good on me, have no stretch and usually don't fit in the arms. HOWEVER the colour is really great so definitely keep your eye out for a dotty top made from nicer fabric!

    3. I really like the colour and the dots are nice, too...But yeah, with a small child and moving around like a crazy person the fabric needs to be a bit more understaning of human body fluids :D

    4. Cutest photo bomber ever! I really like this color on you it looks really sweet. Im not a fan of these fabrics either I tend to stick to breathable cotton.

    5. trop mignon ce bebe ! ;o)

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