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Wardrobe Chaos With Aussie Curves – Boots!

Tuesday, 7th August 2012

Wardrobe Chaos With Aussie Curves – Boots!

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While I was scrolling through my Facebook News feed yesterday, I came across a blog post from Suger Coat It about wearing boots. Now I have to admit that it was Suger that recently inspired me to go and try on some boots from Autograph, as she alerted her readers to the fact that they were on sale for half their normal price!

From Suger Coat It, I hopped on over via a link to check out Danimezza’s blog. Seems she has started a fashion linky for the fashion conscious ‘curvy’ blogger, appropriately titled Aussie Curves.

What an awesome idea. Now, I have not or will not ever lay claim to be a ‘Fashion Blogger’. Mummy blogging is where my heart lies but inside this mummy is a clothing addict who has just been given an excuse to play dress ups!!! WOOT!

I don’t have many (if any) fancy brand name clothes and I wear what I can string together on a tight budget. I do my best to look respectable, but lets face it, sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the day or more to the point, that decent top I own is still in the wash….

I will be joining in the blog hop in a very Common Chaos, busy mummy style!

This weeks installment of Aussie Curves focuses on Boots.

I’m a long time admirer, pretty much first time wearer of boots. I do have one other pair of boots that I purchased last winter, but I have very rarely worn them as they don’t go with many clothes in my wardrobe. They’re the lace up kinda look like ugg boots but they’re not variety….

Now that I finally own a pair of fancier looking boots, I will be sporting them with leggings, dress tops and the like!

I could only get them in Brown as the black had sold out in my size but after having a glance at my wardrobe, something tells me I need to lighten up a little…. it’s all black!

Oh and do excuse my lame photos, hubby took them with a squirming wriggly baby in his arms…

Autograph Riding Boots in Brown
People, meet my new boots....


My boots were purchased instore from Autograph. They’re currently onsale for $49.99, which is half price!

I brought the brown boots because black was sold out. You can check them out online by clicking HERE.

Aussie Curves boots edition jac
Here I am wearing my boots.... out in the freezing cold wind!!! Brrrrrr


I know you can hardly see the boots in the picture, the wind was playing mary hell with my hair, and well it was that cold it was a matter of “hurry and snap the pic so we can get back inside…” but you get the drift right?

Leopard Print Cardigan is from AUTOGRAPH. I brought it off a sale rack last year for $14.99. Seriously, their sale racks are the best!

Black V Neck Top is from eBay. I couldn’t tell you the name of the eBay store I got it from but if you type in ‘plus size tops’ in the search bar, they’ll still come up.

Under the black eBay top I am wearing a black singlet from Kmart. Since the top is so low cut and I am sporting an arrangement of daggy maternity bras at the moment, the singlet top works well at hiding the dagginess, yet still allows me to feed the hungry mini monster with some ease.

Around my butt is a belly wrap that my mum made for me a few pregnancies ago. It now doubles as a mini-skirt type thing.

My leggings are just a $19 pair from Kmart that I wear with heaps of different things in my wardrobe.

And last but not least are the Brown Riding Boots from Autograph.

No fancy pants jewellery at the moment as baby fingers like to get caught up in it all.

The fashion conscious mummy has to be practical too!

So there you have it. Stay tuned for next weeks installment of Aussie Curves as I venture into the land of nail polish…. Something I don’t regularly do!



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    1. Looking hot! Love those boots (and your gorgeous leopard cardi). A pair of boots for under $50 is fantastic. Must go check out Autograph myeslf. You look absolutely stunning Jac xxx

    2. oohhh nice boots! I am seriously going to have to try this ones on! :)

    3. Go you!!!!!! The only boots I own are my farm boots, you might give me some inspiration to go and get some more!!!!!

    4. Cadian

      Love it Jac!! I LOVE LOVE BOOTS!! I have around 20 pairs and wear them ALL the time!! It's an addiction!

    5. I love your boots Jac. I want brown boots too , waiting for the sales.You look lovely.

    6. Thanks for playing along, I'm hoping to nab a brown pair myself, they look great!

    7. What a fun idea! I might have to play along. I love your outfit Jac. Loving the black silhouette and leopard cardie! Very stylish with your boots.

    8. Jacqui - you look FAB! And those brown boots would be great with a lot of things, especially since it's a dark brown shade. :)

    9. commonchaoschronicle

      Well my dearest Norlin, I will be after some fashion advice from you! I think we should work together on something. This daggy mumma needs all the help she can get!! LOL

    10. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Dani. Im in love with my boots I am sure!!! LOL

    11. commonchaoschronicle

      Get some Trish, you wont regret it!

    12. It looks great lady! Loving that cardie. I'm SO glad you were able to get hold of some of the boots. What a bargain, right!?

    13. Bek

      How good are those boots?! I have them too. :-) Autograph are awesome for sales, I have a tight budget too, and I hang out for them. You look great in this outfit!

    14. You look gorgeous and proves how fabulous we can look no matter our budget. Loving that cardi and mega loving your boots ;)

    15. Looking good! That leopard print cardigan looks both comfy AND fashionable :)

    16. You look fabulous. I found the exact same boots I wear on ebay for less that fifty bucks ... now I have four pair ... love a bargain ;)

    17. Oh nice boots. I was actually on the search of pre-teen clothes but your post came up and I had to stop and read. WHat a great blog hop :)

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