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School Bag Essentials – What To Pack When Sending Your Little One Off To School!

Wednesday, 29th January 2014

School Bag Essentials – What To Pack When Sending Your Little One Off To School!

Sending your little 4/5 year old off to school for the very first time can be an extremely daunting and nerve racking experience for the child, but more so the parents!

There is just so much information to take on board, and many many things to organise. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

This year I will be sending Levi off to start school for the first time. He’s number 5 out of 6 kids and I think I have finally got it together and covered all bases.

So here is what I’ll be packing in his school bag come Friday, when he steps inside the school gates as a brand new ‘preppy’.

School Bag 1

* The Bag – make sure its tough and sturdy but also a good size that your child can carry. Our kids have always had the school logo branded back packs, but this year they have all decided that they need the latest and greatest ‘trendy’ looking back packs…. Thank-goodness for sales!

We chose a Piping Hot Bag for Levi that has 4 different compartments. It appealed to me because he is hopeless at packing things into his bag properly, and usually loses the lot out of the bag all at once. Hopefully I will have him only using one zippered bit most of the time, but he will still have a space for his hat and spares etc….

* A Bag tag – It’s important that your preppy can tell their bag apart from someone elses. By hanging a bag tag, keyring or even coloured ribbons on their bag, you’re eliminating the drama of mixed up backpacks in after school hours!

Levi chose a Lego name tag and a 1D keyring to hang off his back pack to help him recognise it.

* Sunscreen – Sunscreen is often an optional extra, but with the weather we have been having lately, it can’t hurt to have it there, hooked onto their school bag for those stinky hot days where they should be reapplying it every few hours. I have found these clip on sunscreens at Aldi, and have seen them in other major supermarkets too.

School Bag 2


* Tissues – Often schools ask for a tissue box donation from each family, but in my experience, they go through wayyyyyyy more tissues than they actually have donated. It doesn’t hurt to let your child know there is a small packet in their bag if the class room supply has run out.

* Flushable Wet Wipes – Just because you never know what might happen in the excitement of the day, and lets be honest, accidents happen. Buying flushable wipes helps your child stay discreet if the need arises.

We had one child go through several packet of these wipes, not just for accidents, but general face cleans and mud clean ups too. The other child’s packet sat unopened in the school bag for the entire year. It’s a ‘just incase’!

* Spare Clothes – I always pack a spare uniform in the kids bags. If there is mess to be found, the MonsterSquad will be in it. From paint splatters to mud fights, and the unexpected accident, it’s always come in handy and make life easier on your child.

Be sure to alter the spares as to the changes in seasons. Shorts and a t-shirt wont be much help in the middle of winter! I also put the spares in a plastic bag that is clearly labeled. This means that if the school bag gets upended, the clothes are still all together, and if they do need to change clothes at school, there is already a plastic bag there for them to put the dirty clothes in too!

School Bag 3

* A Hat – Our school abides by the Sunsmart policy of ‘no hat, no play’ in terms 1 and 4, so the kids have it drummed into them from day one that their hats are to be with them everyday. This year we have had their names embroidered onto the inside of each hat, and I have shown Levi how to fold it and keep it in the very front pocket of his school bag!

Hopefully we don’t lose so many this year!!!!

* An Art Smock – We provide our own smocks and I picked up some cheap ones at Kmart this year. I have popped it in the bag for Levi to take on his first day, as the teachers usually round them all up and keep them all in one basket in the class room, all ready for their very first art lesson.

* Lunch Box & Drink Bottle – Don’t forget to pack the lunch & drink bottle in the bag and get your child to have a practice taking it in and out of their school bag. Make sure you label both items clearly, as I have found we have lost more drink bottles than anything else in the last 4 years of schooling!

School bag 4

* School Books & Supplies – Lastly, if you’ve been given a book pack to take home and cover for your child, remember to pack that in the bag for the first day too. This includes pencil cases and so on as well.

If you’ve packed all that, then I think you’re ready to rock!

If you have thought of something that I haven’t, then please leave a comment on this blog post to help other readers out!

Good Luck Preppies of 2014!


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    1. Krystal Ferguson

      I would love some advice on what to pack in the lunch box too. I am sure there are plenty of Mums out there with first time preppies that would like some ideas too. I already have an older grade fiver this year as well but would love some new ideas as the ideas get a bit stale as the years go on.

    2. As a prep teacher I think you have nailed it here! Well done.

    3. These are fantastic tips. I love how you pack a bag of spare clothes for your children, that is a really great idea.

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