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I get these big ideas…….

Friday, 2nd August 2013

I get these big ideas…….

Whenever I say “I have an idea” out loud, everyone else at Chaos HQ shudders.

It’s never because it’s a ‘bad’ idea, it usually just involves either:

A) A massive amount of effort and hard work, or

B) Bucket loads of money.

More often than not, it’s option A, simply because we just don’t have bucket loads of money to spend at the moment.

So my latest ‘Idea’ involves creating another living space at Chaos HQ.

Lets be honest, 8 people in the one house arguing over the one lounge room space is down right painful.

So here’s the plan…..

1. Shift our bedroom from the very front room of the house to the very back room of the house. DONE

2. Use desk from the back bedroom to create a new office space. DONE

3. Set up my workspace in the back lounge room. DONE

4. Make the front room into an open plan kitchen, dining and living area… Ok this one is a biggie!!!

House redesign

If all goes to plan it means we have to take a wall out. After we do that, the space will be double the size. We just have to wait till we can do it, and the waiting KILLS me!!! I just want to get it all organised and sorted now so things can be put away!!!

Once this area has been made, it will need to be decorated and so on too. All massive big jobs!!!

I often wonder if I’ll ever just be content with leaving the house the way it is. I enjoy designing and decorating, but at some point it all has to just be ‘finished’….. right?

Let’s hope so!

Do you enjoy ‘recreating’ areas of your home?


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    1. Krystal Ferguson

      Dream big Jac, it's what keeps you going. For the record, I love the idea :)

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Krystal, I plan on it. Even if it does mean having a house in a hundred pieces for weeks on end!!! HAHAHAHA

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