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A Common Chaos Work Space… Creating A Home Office Space!

Wednesday, 6th February 2013

A Common Chaos Work Space… Creating A Home Office Space!

Earlier this week I blogged about setting up a Homework Station for my kids to do their nightly readers and homework at.

If you missed it, you can find it by clicking HERE.

What I failed to mention is that I have been quietly putting together an area of my own to work from, in order to keep the dining table clear and have a space of my own that allows me to clear my mind and think.

I just cannot function and complete work when I am surrounded by clutter and chaos, so the space I have now created is just perfect for me to sit at and put together my blog posts and other writing commitments.



Create a place where I can feel calm and do what I need to do work wise.


Move Elijah’s cot and change table out of our bedroom and into Levi’s bedroom.

Set up a desk area in the space that Elijah’s cot was in.


Purchase desk and recycle things from home.


No more than $100.

So here’s what I did…. (oh and when I say ‘I’, I really mean ‘We’ as there’s no way I could have lugged that furniture around on my own!!!)

{This is the area I had to work with. I painted this tree when we were expecting Elijah, so I added some googly eyes to it! I used a bookshelf from Levi's bedroom and have stored all my 'everyday' type papers and things there. When I have some more time I will change it around and make a much better filing system for all my papers and so on. Oh and where would I be without my computer????}


Elijah’s cot and change table were moved in to Levi’s room, which was the 6mth plan from day 1. Usually MonsterSquad Dad would really fight me on rearranging half the house but I think this time he was almost keen to get our bedroom back and to have that space from the little man!

I went on the search for a budget priced desk. Nothing too big, nothing too small, but something cheap that would do the trick.

I found the desk at Crazy Clarks. They had choc brown ones on special, reduced from $50 down to $30, but they had a white desk on display. I rounded up the manager and asked him if he could match the price of the sale desk.

You see it pays to ask because it was exactly what I was looking for and I got it for the $30. Bargain!

I also picked up a cork notice board on a local Facebook Buy Swap and Sell site. It wasn’t the right colour, but that’s an easy fix!

(I will share how in another post coming soon!)

I created some unique pen holders and push-pins and I am set and ready to WRITE!

All for under $50, so well within my budget!!!!

So for the price, I think it looks pretty great and feels wonderful to sit in and take some time to get my things done.



My Office 2
The cork board and pen holders have been spray painted to tie in with the room, and my diary is displayed on a recipe book stand so it doesn't get lost in my papers etc when I am working.}








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    1. Krystal

      Love it!

    2. That looks great Jac! I need to organise an area for myself at the moment I over rely on my dining table! :)

    3. looks fab!! I have a computer nook but always have it full of stuff or hubby is on the computer... Ive cleaned it up but just need to get my butt to using it!!

    4. That's a fantastic work space Jac! The tree and owl, together with your white furniture and accessories, make it really inviting place to sit and write. Well done! Now I need you to come over and help me rearrange my space. Totes jealous right now.

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