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Creating A Children’s Garden From Used Formula Tins.

Friday, 26th July 2013

Creating A Children’s Garden From Used Formula Tins.

When we made the decision to swap baby Elijah from breast milk onto the bottle, the formula tins started to pile up quick.

I have heard of people using the tins as storage for nails and screws in the shed before, but I wanted to reuse them and create something that the kids could enjoy, that would also look cool in the fairy garden that they have been slowly putting together every spring over the last few years.

So I decided to spray paint the tins with a toadstool pattern using Rust-o-leum spray paints.

Here’s how we did it:

CCC Planter Tins 2

Step 1:

Collect up some formula tins and wash them out. Make sure you dry them well or they will go rusty! If you’re well out of the formula stage, or don’t know anyone that is, try using a Milo or Coffee tin instead.

Step 2:

Using a flat white or an undercoat spray, cover your tins with an even layer of paint to disguise the print on the tins. For this project I have used Rust-o-leum Satin White Spray Paint.

TIP: It’s hard to get an even coverage around the tins, so MonsterSquad Dad created a hanging hook out of an old metal coat hanger and hung it inside the shed (or off the clothesline depending on the weather). This made it easy to move around the tin with an even motion and if you’re creating in the warm weather, they dry really quick hanging up!

CCC Planter Tins 4

Step 3:

Using the same method as outlined in Step 2, spray the tins with a red spray paint. Turn some outside chairs upside down and dry the tins in the sun by sitting them on the legs.

Step 4:

For some added sparkle, coat the tins with a layer of Rust-o-leum Red Glitter Spray. Now, it was almost impossible to capture a decent photo of the sparkle, but when the sun hits the glitter it looks so sparkly and the kids LOVE it!

CCC Planter Tins 6

Step 5:

Cut yourself a spotty stencil. Use some thick cardboard and a few different sized circles. We used a sticky tape roll and a small cup. Dont put the cut out circles too close to each other as occasionally the paint bleeds out a little and you don’t want the spots touching!

Step 6:

Wrap the cardboard around the tin and hold it in place with some sticky tape. Make sure it is pulled tight to minimise paint splatters and dribbles. Using the white spray paint, slowly and evenly spray around the tins over the spotty stencil.

Step 7:

Allow about 10-15mins before you unstick the stencil to reveal the spots. When taking the stencil off, be very careful not to smdge up the wet paint!

CCC Planter Tins 8

Step 8:

Once your tins are dry, use a small drill bit and drill 5 or so holes in the bottom of the tins to allow for water drainage.

Step 9:

Let the kids have fun filling their new ‘toadstool’ planters with potting mix and seeds or flowers.

Our kids have loved the whole process of making the planter tins and are now looking forward to re-planting once again, when we’re out of the frost season. They’ve also requested tins painted like bumble bees next time too!

Do you enjoy recycling everyday products into useful things?



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      I love this idea they look great :-)

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      Great idea Jac, they look awesome!

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