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Creating A Dinosaur Themed Bedroom On A Budget.

Wednesday, 3rd April 2013

Creating A Dinosaur Themed Bedroom On A Budget.

For as long as I can remember, Levi has loved Dinosaurs.

One of his first understandable words was “Rooooaaaaaarrrrrr”, every time he saw one, and he even had a Dinosaur themed 1st Birthday party to go with his big Roar!!!! (You can check it out HERE).

Phases have come and then gone but the one that has stayed constant in his almost 4yrs of life is the constant interest in Dinosaurs.

Who can blame him really and with a Mum and Dad both into them too, it probably runs through his veins.

So after many an argument, eye-roll and sigh, MonsterSquad Dad finally gave in and gave the nod to go ahead an pick out some paint.

Of course, I would have done it either way, but let’s face it, having a paint roller man on board makes my job easier and so much faster!

So I searched Pinterest for some dino inspiration. I had some colours floating through my mind but I wanted to see what else I could do with them to help make the Dinosaur theme come alive and to give my 2 youngest boys a fun and relaxing area to play in.

Here’s what I found and loved on Pinterest. If you’re not already following me on there, you can find me by clicking HERE.


Tree Ladder
{Image Credit}

I really like the ladder in this picture, and since the boys will be sharing the room for sometime yet it could be a future possibility.

Trex Bunk
{Image Credit}

We also like this bunk bed design, however since Elijah is still so young, we thought the teeth may be too dangerous at this time. I must add though, this is Levi’s favourite bed and he wishes he could have it ‘right now!!!!’.

Built in bunk
{Image Credit}

This is the idea we liked the most. It could be built to fit the room, it’s not too high for the little ones and it incorporates a play area that could be ‘Dino-decorated’ to suit the room.
The only problem with this is Elijah is still in his cot and will not be in a bed for another 12months or so…

Since the bed inspiration was taken care of, next I wanted some decorating ideas.
And I found heaps!!!! I’ll just share a few here but if you want to see more find me on Pinterest and check out the Album.

Cot with Ikea Leaves
{Image Credit}

Ikea leaves. I love them. I love them so much that I even have one in my own bedroom. True story.
It’s just a shame that Ikea is 3hrs away and I have to wait to get down there, but I will definitely be getting these for the room!

Dino Hooks
{Image Credit}

How cool is this idea? Saw some cheap plastic Dinosaurs in half (I will totally have to do that while Levi is at Kinder!!!!) and use them as wall hooks to hang dressing gowns/coats etc….

Dino Jars for toys
{Image Credit}

These jars look great and could be used to store any of the smaller bulk toys that boys love to collect. I’m working on something similar at the moment!!

Dinosaur Wall paper
{Image Credit}

This I LOVE!!!!!! But I found it online for a whopping $260.00. Certainly not in our budget so I’ll have to give it a miss this time but it really does look so cool. If you know where I can get it cheaper in Australia please let me know!

And Lastly, a little bit of wall art for the room!!!

Wall Art
{Image Credit}

I am certainly inspired by these but I am thinking …… Wood! Yey for wall art!!!

On top of all of that I love buntings and crotchet too.

So add into the mix some greens and greys, (yep I love these colours together) and you’ll be on the same wavelength as me.

As for Monster Squad Dad…… He’s still shaking his head at my latest ‘wonderful’ ideas!!!!

Do you have even more cool Dinosaur Ideas to share with me??? What have you seen in the past that looks effective and suits young boys???

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I show you what the room looked like and reveal the colours I have chosen.


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    1. Oh I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!! My son's main words are Roar atm.. everything is ROAR... hehe so know how you feel!

    2. my son is almost 10 and is still madly into all things dinosaur ,i love some of the ideas you have found on pinterest .

    3. Bunting with dinosaur theme is definitely a great idea! If you can't get affordable wall paper/wall art - they are bloody expensive - then maybe draw and paint a mural of a dinosaur instead?

    4. Awesome inspiration. I LOVE the huge dino wall sticker but not the price so much. Can't wait to see how the room turns out :)

    5. Tanya

      Oh the possibilities looking forward to seeing the room when you do it. I have to admit I have an attraction to the ikea leaves too I had four in the bedroom of my eldest two when they were little and managed to collect another two along the way but to my horror my partner who thinks room design and themes are strange threw them all in a skip in his tidy up : ( he didn't realise their fabulousness lol I really would have loved them for the next little two bubs oh well as we all squeeze in our two bedroom house there isn't really room for themes I will just have to admire yours : )

    6. So many cool ideas RAWR !

    7. This idea is beautiful, I love the dinosaur theme of the bedroom. I'm sure my brother will love this because he is obsessed with dinosaur things.

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