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Creating Our Own Fairy Garden- Part 2.

Monday, 26th September 2011

Creating Our Own Fairy Garden- Part 2.

So the design process was almost complete and the papers were stashed away for another day.

I set about collecting some materials to put aside for the next holiday break.

Aldi had a sale on gardening bits and pieces so I made the decision to incorporate some veggie patches within the Fairy Garden.

Veggie Garden 2

This helped outline the approximate area we will be working with, and gives the kids an added incentive to play in the area.

So a couple of weekends ago, we put together the garden beds and got to work planting seeds in hope of a flourishing veggie patch.

Veggie Garden 1

So far so good. We’ve only lost a few of the plants and the seeds have started to sprout!

I then dug out the old garden arch that we used to have at the front of the house.

It now sits between the 2 Veggie Garden beds as an entrance to the Fairy Garden.

The archway between the veggie garden beds!
The archway between the veggie garden beds!
Next up on our list of things to do:

* Paint terracotta pots.

* Buy Soil

* Plant flowers in pots and hanging baskets!

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