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Creating Our Very Own Fairy Garden- Part 1.

Monday, 26th September 2011

Creating Our Very Own Fairy Garden- Part 1.

Last school holidays amongst the utter boredom and insanity I came up with the idea of creating a Fairy Garden in our backyard.

A place where the kids can IMAGINE.

So I set the Monsters a task of drawing what they thought a Fairy Garden would look like. Whilst they drew up the landscaping plans, I consulted the brain I wish I had, my dear friend Google!

Scrapbook image of fairy Garden Design

There were masses of cool ideas out there, some that looked very costly…. So we’re doing it chaos style, with mostly recycled or heavily discounted materials.

Fairy garden Design 2

I will keep you updated as this is going to be an ongoing project. I think it’s fantastic that the kids get to design, create and learn through their work.

Perhaps they will become much more inspired gardeners than their mum…. eeek! I hate gardening! LOL

Love from Jac picture for the blog


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    1. oh great idea! My kids love spending the day in the garden! how funny we both fairy garden posted today ;) xx

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