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Decorating Our House- Aria’s Bedroom!

Monday, 10th October 2011

Decorating Our House- Aria’s Bedroom!

If you have been following Common Chaos Chronicle on Facebook, you would know I have been hard at work redecorating Aria’s room to make it into a fresh space for both her and Mackenzi to share.

It’s taken a while but I’m happy to say that aside from one ‘name plaque’ the room is finished!

(Don’t worry Mack, your dad will be chopping out the letters real soon!)

So here is all our hard work in pictures…

Old Toy Box
This is an old toybox that I got from an op-shop about 12mths ago. It was in the other girls room but I decided to revamp it for this project!
Aria's Bed BEFORE
This is a Aria's bed before we started. She had an old double bed, which never stayed made and took up most of the room!
Wall Unit BEFORE
The secondhand Wall Unit that has been used in a few different rooms around our house. Aria uses it as a desk when it's not covered in JUNK!!
Old Stained Foam Chairs
These 2 Holden foam chairs used to be in Jai's room but he no longer wanted them. I have washed the covers so many times and cannot remove the stains, so I'm going to revamp them too
Jai's old bunks
We moved the bunks from Jai's room into this room
Bunks with Purple
I painted the blue bits purple to match the colour scheme of the room!
Here are the bunks ready to be decorated.
Painted pin board
I purchased 2 pin boards and painted them to match the room.
Toy box revamp
I painted the toy box then used an old doona to make a padded top on it.
Painted Toy box
Here's the finished product! One very funky revamped Toy Box, with padded seat to sit on in their reading nook!
The new reading nook
This is their new reading nook area, complete with pinboards. We added the large mirror from our own bedroom to make the area seem larger. I am currently working on making Mackenzi's name for above the other pinboard!
Drawers with TV
We gave the girls an old TV and DVD player to use on weekends!
Aria in her reading nook
Aria discovers the new reading area and is most impressed!!!
The wall unit turned into a desk
Remember the old wall unit? Well we cut a desktop out of MDF wood for it. Gave it a new paint job and got some cheap storage baskets to put on the shelves! Oh and a cool picture of the Monsters too!
The tree stencil
So then I got this great idea for the bed...... Yes that's right, I drew a tree with an owl...
Owl trees
Ok, I drew 2 different trees.. I think you're getting the idea now...
The new bunks
Here is the bunks minus the purple bed valance....
Owl with googly eyes
I gave the owls some googly eyes just for fun until I find some larger ones!
Purple fluffy seats
Remember those stained Holden seats? Here they are, modelled by Zafirah, all purple and fluffy thanks to grandma!!! πŸ™‚
Sleeping Aria
One very tired and happy sleeping Aria!


    Written by:

    1. Deanna

      Those trees look FAB... what a great idea!!! Room looks so good... LOVE the colours :)

    2. Emily

      You are so clever - the room looks fantastic! x

    3. Caz

      Wow, you are so clever! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what you had planned for the girls room. I thought you would be just moving the furniture! The tree beds look so cool, think you might have to patent the idea. And I love what you did with the old toybox. Would it be possible for you to take a photo of the whole room so we can see how it all looks together? Wish I was as crafty as you!

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks everyone, I tried to take a picture of the whole room on my iphone, but the room is small and I can't get far enough back to get a decent shot. I was thinking about taking one through the window from the outside, but it was pouring down rain... Hahaha, I might just walk you through with a video tour once we have finished all the rooms :-)

    5. Ohhh you have done a wonderful job! So clever and loving the trees for the bed Well done Xx

    6. Kara

      Awesome Jac....the bed is amazing, how inviting, I'm sure that will help to keep Miss Aria in bed at night! You really are very talented xx

    7. Loving those trees! Very creative :)

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