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DIY Budget Dining Table Makeover + Crochet Star Tablecloth!

Wednesday, 25th October 2017

DIY Budget Dining Table Makeover + Crochet Star Tablecloth!

Who doesn’t love a budget makeover??? I know I certainly do. Not only does revamping secondhand things compliment my tight budget, I also love the sense of achievement I feel when my vision comes to life and I give new life to something old and tired….. (Hmmmm, time to revamp myself too perhaps??? HAHAHAHA)

Anyway, not too long ago I decided that Chaos HQ needed a far bigger dining table than we actually had. 8 of us were trying to squish in around a 6 seater table for meals which always ended in fights because the kids were literally in each other’s space.

I researched new dining settings and quickly realised that I wasn’t going to get anything suitable under $1000 and most were up to about $2000 brand new. NOPE, definitely not in my budget at all so I turned to the local Buy, Swap and Sell pages on Facebook to search for a new ‘Project’… wink wink…

I came across the setting below in all it’s ratty glory and talked the owner into to selling it to me for $150. As you can see, it had seen better days, but my DIY brain went into overdrive and I instantly started planning it’s makeover.

Dining Suite, Dining Setting, DIY Project
The dining setting as photographed in the ‘For Sale’ advertisement on Facebook.

The first step of the makeover was to recover the dining chairs as the faux leather coating had peeled, leaving the chairs looking like one big mish-mash of miserable mess to me.

I originally planned to use a staple gun and reupholster the chairs in the traditional manner but then I remembered who actually lives here, and chose to sew removable covers, which allows them to be taken off and washed when required. A total MUST with 6 little Monsters using them. I swear more food goes onto the table and chairs than in their mouths…. for sure!

Dining Chairs, Table Chairs,
The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ of the dining chairs.

Unfortunately I forgot to take step by step photos of how I cut out the fabric and sewed together the covers, but I can tell you that it took me about an hour per chair and the fabric was purchased off a clearance rack at Spotlight, which meant it cost me just under $50 and I still have loads left to use for other projects or spares! Huzzah!

After the first couple of chairs I found it extremely tedious to make the covers but the end result made the 8 hours totally worthwhile. They all came up fantastic. Now if the cats stopped using them as a scratching post I would be most grateful!

A while back I purchased some cork backed placemats at the op-shop for $4.00. The pictures did absolutely nothing for me, so I used some left over wallpaper we had lying around to spruce them up for a more modern feel. A quick coat of Mod Podge to seal them and ta-da! This mini-project literally cost me $5.00 all up and they suit the new table so much!

Repurposed Placemats
Another man’s trash is someone else’s treasure! These second hand placemats came up a treat with a bit of DIY love.

A round placemat, glass bowl and string lights from Kmart created a simple centrepiece for our new table ($11), but there was still one issue with the setting….

It was forever ‘sticky’. As in, if you lean your arms on the table, they’d stick to it like the back of your legs on a leather couch on a hot day. YUCK!

I came to the conclusion that it must have been cleaned with a chemical that had altered the top layer of lacquer in it’s previous life and that I would have to sand it back because the ‘sticky’ was driving me absolutely bonkers. I just couldn’t sand it back right then and there because the weather was garbage and I had nowhere to store it outside while it was retained and lacquered….

Dining setting, revamped
All set up and ready to eat at!

So I needed a Plan B and this yarn I found at Lincraft was perfect! πŸ˜‰

How good is it? And in our colour scheme too. LOVE!

So here is where the idea of creating a table cloth was born. It was an awesome cotton blend to work with and cost me $12 a cake.

Lincraft Illusion Cakes
And then I purchased a few of these cakes……

To create this 12 point star tablecloth/throw I used 4 of the Lincraft Illusion cakes and followed a free downloadable crochet pattern which you can find HERE.

Handmade Crochet Table cloth
12 Pointed Star Tablecloth Complete!

The crochet tablecloth cost me $48 to make, but gave me hours and hours of relaxation and enjoyment whilst crocheting it. It’s definitely one of my favourite projects to date.

Illusion Cake Yarn
A close up so you can enjoy the colour fade effects at home too!

I’ve tried to capture the gradual colour changes for you in this photo. I just love it!

And finally, to protect all my hard work, and get rid of the ‘sticky’ issue, I purchased some clear vinyl from Clark Rubber to cover our revamped 8 seat dining table suite. The vinyl covering cost me $32. It’s been fabulous so far, my only gripe is the streaks the kids leave on it when they wipe it down, but when wiped properly, it looks great!

Decorated Dining Table
The finished product!

All up this project cost me $295 and I’m pretty darn happy with that! Now….. for my next project…..😏


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