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DIY Funky Notice Board & Pen Holders – Rust-Oleum Project 1.

Saturday, 9th February 2013

DIY Funky Notice Board & Pen Holders – Rust-Oleum Project 1.

In today’s blog post, I am going to share how I created a unique Notice Board and Pen Holder Set for my home office.

I really love the idea of recycling everyday items to create new and useful things around the house.

When I attended the mid-year Bloggers Brunch in 2012 the DIY craft freak inside of me just about did backflips as I approached the ‘Rust-Oleum’ stand.

There were spray paints, and chalk board paints and even a white board paint!!! Oh my how excited was I to walk away with a sample bag of metallic silver and gold sprays. WOOT!

The only problem was that as soon as I got to the airport, my precious spray paints were confiscated for security reasons and I left Sydney with a frown.

Once home I contacted the lovely Rust-Oleum reps that I had met and begged for them to get some samples to me.

After all I had already worked out in my mind several different projects that I wanted to use their products for.

A couple of weeks later, a giant box arrived at my door!

Rustoleum Paints

I was in paint heaven.

They had sent me my sample spray paint plus more. Happy Dance!

First project on my list was to re purpose an old pin board and create some funky looking pen holders for my new office area.

Now my office is grey and lime green, so the best choice in the box was the silver paint.

Rustoleum Notice Board 1

I forgot to take a proper before photo of the notice board so I have taken one of the back so you can see the original colour around the frame.

I purchased the notice/pin board from a local Buy Swap & Sell page on Facebook. It cost me $5.00 and you can also pick them up in discount variety stores like The Reject Shop too.

The first layer of paint that went on was a metallic silver.

We gave the board 2 even coats to conceal the greeny-brown colour of the board.

Rustoleum Notice Board 2

Once it was dry we then added 2 layers of silver glitter spray paint.

Very awesome indeed!

Now with the glitter sprays, they quite literally just spray out a glitter type coating, so you do need a sliver base coat (or any colour really) before you apply the bling!!!

To complete the project, we applied 3 coats of the clear glitter sealer. This made the glitter really sparkle and stopped it from rubbing off so much onto our hands!

And there you have it, a revamped notice board that co-ordinated perfectly in my new office area.

What’s a new notice board without co-orinating pins???

In my clean up I recently came across these cool sparkly beads I had purchased in a craft sale yonks ago. I simply applied a dob of strong hold craft glue on the back of each bead and placed a thumb tack on them.

A few hours later they were dry and ready to use.

A simple way of ‘prettying’ up a boring old pin!

Rustoleum Notice Board 3

Now for the pen holders……

A while ago I started collecting up Aldi powdered gravy containers. Much to the head shaking and annoyance of one very perplexed MonsterSquad Dad, who would rant “What for??? It’s just rubbish” at the growing pile.

Now I didn’t know exactly what I wanted them for but I knew I could make use of them.

When shopping for office supplies, I saw some lovely silver metal pen holders and I had one of those ‘Lightbulb’ moments that you see in the cartoons. I COULD MAKE MY OWN!!!

And they would totally match!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Now I think the Aldi gravy containers have now changed a little but you could substitute these with Pringles containers as they come in small tubes as well as the longer ones.

We first sprayed these containers with a white base coat. The colours on the containers were quite vibrant and blocking them out with a white first made sure that it wouldn’t show through on the finished product.

Then we added 2 coats of the metallic silver to get an even finish all over.

Next came the glitter spray again followed by a couple of clear coats to seal the glitter on.

Make sure each layer is dry before applying the next one.

3 perfect sized pen holders for my desk. Too Easy.

Rustoleum Pen Holders 2

The rust-Oleum spray paints are easy to use as the can has a tapered head that makes holding it on different angles a breeze.

Although it was quite warm here, the paint dried quick and did not leave a ‘painty’ smell once dry.

You can check out the Rust-Oleum website HERE for some great crafty ideas using their products, and you can also find them on FacebookΒ  by clicking HERE.

To find a stockist in your area, click HERE.

Stay tuned for more awesome ‘recycling’ projects that I have coming up!

{This is not a sponsored post. I was not expected to blog about these products. They were gifted to me to try as I had a genuine interest in what they could do! I loved them so much I couldn’t help but share!}





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    1. WAAAH! Clever!!! I like the look of your office Jacqui! So neat, and all well-organised. Mine...Umm...I need to re-organise it again. That DIY pen holder is a fab idea. Now to find time to actually make them. ;)

    2. Nice pen holders for office.

    3. I really really love this one, its very trendy and not so hard to do though :)

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