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DIY – How To Make Your Own Clock To Suit Any Room.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

DIY – How To Make Your Own Clock To Suit Any Room.

I recently created a new clock for our freshly painted kitchen wall, and today I am sharing how you could design your own clock too!

This is not my first clock creation, back in high school (yes all those years and years ago) I created a paper mache’ electric guitar clock. Back then parts were much harder to come by and had to be ordered through specialist craft stores, but with the wonderful ‘world wide web’ and eBay (just search clock mechanisms), clock parts are easy to find and are not expensive at all.Β  I have even spotted them in Spotlight recently too.

For this project, I picked up a DIY Clock Kit that was heavily reduced on a Target sale table. Once all the discounts were applied I paid around $4.00 for it.

Clock 1

It came with the clock-hands mechanism and also some black foam numbers. I am still not 100% sold on the foam numbers, but they will do for now until I purchase or create some funky wooden numbers…. If you’re not that handy with a jig-saw, then storesΒ  like Spotlight and Bunnings sell individual wooden numbers that you can paint and decorate how you please.

You could also use other objects as numbers to create a totally unique piece. I have started a ‘Clock Inspiration board on Pinterest. The ideas are endless, and you can check it out by clicking HERE.

Pinterest Clock Ideas

To create my clock I have re-purposed a photo pin board that I had previously decorated for my home office.

Clock 2

When we rearranged Chaos HQ, I could no longer fit my funky glitter pin board on my office wall, so it was just laying around collecting dust.

To read about how I decorated the pin-board, and about the ONLY glitter spray that stands up to a challenge, click HERE.

Rustoleum Notice Board 3 border

While checking out the sale table at Target I also found a packet of some very awesome mirrored owl decorations. They were under $8 from memory and had around 18 in the packet.

I’ve been unsure what exactly to do with them until now but the larger owls fit perfectly in the photo areas of this pin board!I traced around the owls on black cardboard, and cut out a silhouette shape to back the owls as it was silver going onto a silver background. The black cardboard makes the owls stand out out more which got the thumbs up from the MonsterSquad as they watched what I was doing.

Clock owls

I found the center of the clock face area by resting a ruler from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, then another from the top right corner down to the bottom left corner. Where they cross is your center point of the clock.

This clock mechanism hangs like any other clock, so I just used a little button head screw into the pin-board to hang the center clock piece on.

I then arranged the foam numbers around my imaginary circle until they were in the ‘right’ place. Once I was happy with the layout, I used some craft glue to stick them into place.

Clock 3

Personally, I wanted to leave a few numbers off and put the smaller mirrored owls in their place but the kids are just learning to tell the time now, so I don’t want to confuse them with missing numbers! There’s plenty of time for that later on!

And there you have it.

A unique clock for Chaos HQ.


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    1. You're such a clever clogs!! Love this idea. Will probably never give myself the time to do it - but still it's awesome. Would love to make ones for the girls rooms. Caz (The Truth About Mummy) recently posted...Holidays without the hoo-hah.My Profile

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