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DIY – Love it!!!!

Thursday, 3rd March 2011

DIY – Love it!!!!

Staining the new floorboards....

One thing I truely do love doing is home decorating, the old ‘Do-it-yourself’ revamp. It doesnt seem to bother me what i am revamping, wether it be a wall, a cupboard or the dining room chairs, I enjoy them all the same.

My most recent DIY projects have included a set of drawers for in Aria’s bedroom, and what I call my “Organisation Station” in the dining room. Both pieces of furniture were purchased rather cheaply from our local Op-Shop / Charity shop and after a light sand down and a few quick coats of paint, both items have come up a treat, co-ordinate with the rooms they are in and cost me next to nothing. πŸ™‚

I think the hardest thing for me, is to decide what task I will do, and actually

A set of drawers I painted to match the purple feature wall.

finish doing it. Smaller projects are fantastic because I can see instant results. Projects that take place over several days often get left half done as the time constraints of my large family take over.

Whenever I am starting a new project, these are a few of the things that I must first consider:


* How much free time do I have to complete the task?

* Is it something I can do whilst the children are around?

* Do I have the required equipment, tools & supplies to complete the task available?

* Will I have to purchase anything and is it within this weeks budget?

* Do I need a helper to lift heavy or awkward items?

So today I am considering what my next DIY project might be.

I have some fabric put aside to cover some foam chairs in Aria’s room, I have great plans involving painting a massive wall unit, but I think more importantly I should probably focus on finishing a long list of half done projects….

Hmmm perhaps I should finish painting the shed….

A quick splash of paint in the bathroom gave it a fresh look until we can afford major renovations!


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    1. Jess

      It looks fantastic! That purple is great! Looking forward to reading more :))

    2. Thanks Jess, I wish I had before photos of every project I have completed. Then we'd really see the difference. I love the purple too. The hubby isn't so keen, but since I do the painting around the house, I get to choose the colours!!! Sounds fair to me!!! :-) Keep up to date with my posts on facebook too. Heres the link:!/pages/Common-Chaos-Chronicle/167928966591552 Thanks xo

    3. Trudy

      Is it hard to paint, walls and stuff, yourself. My house is in major need of some revamping, and I am too scared that I'll stuff up if I try do it myself.

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Hi Trudy, I love painting, I find it really relaxing and always love the end result. What I do hate is the preparation that has to happen before the painting..... Its always hard work. If you have flat painted walls already (I mean no wall paper to remove etc) Then get some white king or some sugar soap, give them a wipe down and they'll pretty much be right to paint. Sometimes it's worth undercoating first, especially if you're painting a lighter colour over a darker colour. Cut in the edges (Paint the edges with a paint brush), then use a roller to roll the rest. If you're doing the ceiling, start with that first. I could go into great detail, but that would be best suited to a future blog post :-) If you go to YouTube, there would be some beginners tutorials on there for sure. The way I look at it, what's the worst thing that could happen? You dont like the colour and have to paint it again? GO FOR IT!!!! ITS FUN!!! :-)

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