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DIY Quick & Easy Wall Feature – Chaos HQ Gets Inspired!

Thursday, 11th October 2012

DIY Quick & Easy Wall Feature – Chaos HQ Gets Inspired!

A couple of months or so ago I was wandering aimlessly around a Spotlight store looking for a project to do.

After I paced up and down the aisles several times, I settled on some pre-cut Kaiser wood words.

Dream….. Imagine…. Laugh…..

Wall Feature 1

So I got them home, shoved them in a corner for a rainy day and carried on about life as usual at Chaos HQ.

A couple of weeks later I remembered about the words and got them back out.

I undercoated them with some flat white wall paint, and left them to dry.

Wall Feature 3

Another week passed and I finally got to adding some colour to the words.

I chose to go with our feature wall colours so it all would tie in nicely.

I used the dark chocolate brown around the outside of the letters to highlight them, and give them a bit of a 3D effect.

Then I used the chocolate coloured suede paint to do the front of the letters.

Then on another little shopping expedition to The Reject Shop, I came across this bird cage candle holder on the discount table.


Not only a bargain but perfect to go with the words on my dining room wall.

This now sits above our computer charging desk/station, where we deal with business related stuff.

Wall Feature 2

The whole project cost me around $17.00 as I got the words when they were on sale.

What do you think? Effective?

What words would you display on your wall at home?



    Written by:

    1. commonchaoschronicle

      So far they haven't, not even a smokey mark. Mind you, the wall art is disguising a run down wall that really needs repainting so if it does leave marks, it will be a sign for me to get on with it! The candles would be a good 15cms from the wall though. :-)

    2. Oh wow Jacqui! I loved what you've done! Especially the bird cage with the tea light candles! I would never have thought to put them together like that.

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Norlin. :-) It was a lucky find, that's for sure!

    4. LOVE it! Especially the bird cage. So pretty! I bought the same precuts but I bought laugh, imagine and inspire :)

    5. Glenne

      Lovely, and not just lovely but a bargain-it doesn't get any better :)

    6. It looks amazing Jac.

    7. Gorgeous, love the candles and the words :)

    8. I love your feature wall - especially the bird cage. Spotlight rocks!! I'd probably have Laugh Laugh and Laugh - you can never have too much laughter in the house xx

    9. commonchaoschronicle

      And why didn't I think of that? Hahaha, That's a great idea Anorina :-)

    10. Dani

      I'm curious as to how you affixed the letters to the wall. Did you just use nails? :D

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