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How To Make An ‘Instagram Inspired’ Wall Art Photo Bunting!

Saturday, 10th August 2013

How To Make An ‘Instagram Inspired’ Wall Art Photo Bunting!

Slowly but surely we have been updating the interior look at Chaos HQ.

I am full of never-ending ideas of things I could create, but I often look to places like Pinterest to back me up, and find things similar to what I’ve been imagining in my overworked forgetful brain, as then I have a record of them.

For those that are not yet acquainted with Pinterest, it’s simply a website full of images of just about anything andΒ  everything, that you can ‘pin’ onto your own pin boards within the site. It’s a great way to keep track of ideas that’s for sure!

If you’re on Pinterest or if this post inspires you to check it out, you can check out my pin boards and follow me by clicking HERE.

Anyway, while on Pinterest looking for ideas on how to display Instagram sized photos I came across….

‘photo buntings’

Photo Bunting Triangles

Loved them instantly! Especially this one I found on a blog called Fairly Light.

Photo Bunting Fairly Light

Since I was having no luck finding small square frames in bulk, I thought this could be an awesome way to display the Instagram square photos in a unique manner.

So here’s how I created my photo bunting for our lounge room wall….

Step 1.

Decide which photos you want to use. If you don’t have Instagram, or the photos you like are not square, use a photo editing program to crop the images down to size.

To edit my photos I use a website called ‘Picmonkey’. There’s a paid version and a free version. I use the free version at the moment.

Step 2.

To make all my images look similar, I have used a blur filter around the edges and have also put a colour focus on each face and have it fading back to black & white.

Personally I like that the same filters have been used on each picture as it makes them all look like they’re a part of a set.

Blurred filter photos

Step 3.

Print your pictures as big as your printing program will let you onto 6×4 photo papers. I would have loved to print mine larger, but I found the quality of some of my Instagram images was quite poor and resulted in very pixelated printouts.

If you’re just recreating the Instagram look, but using regular camera photos, I am certain you could easily print them off on a much larger scale!

Once printed, use a guillotine or sharp scissors to trim the excess paper from around each image.

Trimming up the photos

Step 4.

Using a ruler, mark out the size needed to ‘frame’ your photos. I have used a metallic silver cardboard and a black cardboard. Both are usually stocked at newsagents and craft stores. I made the black square 1/2cm larger all around than the silver square. The silver square was 1cm larger than the actual photo squares.

Cutting Cardboard for Bunting

Step 5.

Center your cardboard squares together and stick with a scrapbooking tape-roller, or a good quality double sided tape. I thought about using glue but felt that it may buckle the cardboard and leave it rippled and wonky.

Size of frames

Once you have the silver mounted on top of the black squares, using the same sticking method, add your photo on top.

Step 6.

Arrange you photos in the order you wish them to hang.

For this project I have put a photo of hubby and myself in the center then a photo each side of the kids in age order, then a photo of hubby and I again on each end, which fits with the ‘Family’ theme I was going for.

Step 7.

Carefully punch a hole into each side of the top of the cardboard frame boarders. These are the holes that you will thread your ribbon through to create the bunting.

Hole punch

Step 8.

Thread your photos along the length of ribbon. The ribbon threads in from the front of the photo, around the back and the through the other hole, from the back towards the front again.

I didn’t fuss too much with spacing the photos out evenly until I had the bunting hanging up along the wall.

Photo Bunting On Wall

Step 9.

Tie each end of your ribbon up to your chosen hooks (whatever you’re using to hang it up). Here at Chaos HQ I just whacked a couple of cup hooks into the door jamb and corner quad as we own our property. If you don’t want to damage the woodwork, or if you’re renting, you could look at some of those removable wall hooks.

Lounge room Bunting

Step 10.

Once the bunting is hanging along the wall, work out your center point, shimmy the middle photo along to it and then evenly space out your photos along the ribbon from there. If you have an even number of photos there will be 2 center ones so evenly space both with the center point of your ribbon between the 2 middle pictures. If you have an odd number of photos there will only be one center pic!

Once evenly spaced, stand back and admire your crafty hard work!

Personally, I think our wall needs a little something extra to go with the bunting, but I just haven’t worked it out yet.

If you do make your own photo bunting I’d love for you to share a picture of it with me either by emailing it to me at or by sharing it over on our Common Chaos Facebook Page.

Bunting Collage



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    1. Kimberley

      This u such a fab idea! I think the wall needs a family "quote" done as a big removable sticker under neath... Like "laugh, live, love" or something like that!

    2. Ahhhh...the good ol' Creative Memories photo trimmer. Good times. Love the bunting Jac! So easy to put together, yet so effective! Great tip about using the same filters across all of your photos. Off to pin for later... LisaW recently posted...How to create a Lightning McQueen cake...Ka-Chow!!My Profile

    3. That's so cute! How good is Pinterest for ideas?

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