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January 2014 – Our Year In Pictures – Project Life

Tuesday, 13th May 2014

January 2014 – Our Year In Pictures – Project Life

This year I am photo-documenting our lives using the Becky Higgin’s Project Life Kits.

For those of you who haven’t seen the concept and have no idea what I am waffling about, it’s a way of Scrapbooking your photos, in a much simpler manner.

I wrote about it a while back so if you need a refresher, you can check it out by clicking HERE.

As I complete each month, I will be sharing a photo post to update you all with my crafty progress, but also to keep a record online in case anything ever happens to my album! (Yes, I have already knocked a full glass of cola all over it…..)

Welcome to January 2014.

Jan 1

This is my front page.

I would have liked to have more embellishments, but when I started I had pretty much nothing but some old craft supplies in my collection.

The photo of the MonsterSquad was taken at the Ararat YMCA Swimming Pool in during the January holidays.

Jan 2

During the first few weeks of January we spent a lot of time indoors in the air-conditioning due to the extreme heat.Β  This of course meant endless talent shows and performances by the kids, and many home movie sessions.

We also adopted Napoleon, a little kitten that put his cute moves on me and melted my heart in about 3 seconds flat. Oh how it’s so easy to see past the pesky menace behaviour of a little fluff-ball….

(I should say, the fluff-ball ain’t so little anymore and drives us batty on a regular basis!!! HAHAHAHA)

Jan 3

January also saw fires pop up everywhere around the state, with one of the biggest being in The Grampians & Dadswells Bridge. We live about 40mins away from there, but there was no mistaking that the fires were massive as the sky glowed an eerie red olour and it rained ash on us.

It was a daunting to think of the damage that these fires were doing when full leaf skeletons were landing in our yard a fair distance away and just turning to dust when we tried to pick them up.

One of my blog advertising projects in January was to promote Pepsi Next. After being cooped up inside for days on end, the kids were totally pumped to escape the air-con and embrace nature again.

We took a drive up One Tree Hill in Ararat to watch the sunset where Zafirah took it upon herself to ‘promote’ the product her way. Oh how we laughed and laughed at her sense of humor and ‘you will buy this product’ attitude. Hilarious!

Jan 4

During January I started working out with a personal trainer. I had lost around 16kgs on my own when The Biggest Loser Challenge Australia filmed series 9 in Ararat, but put back on around 6kgs over the Christmas/Summer break.

So as the show went to air on Channel 10, and the opportunity to work with a PT that could tailor exercise plans to suit me came up, I jumped at the chance to take another step in the right direction.

Watching ourselves and our towns folk on the TV was entertaining and totally bizarre all at once. A very unique experience that was a fun part for me to be involved in.

Jan 5

Finishing off January with some random holiday snaps!

Stay tuned for the February 2014 edition! πŸ™‚





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