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MonsterSquad Grandma Gets Crafty, Chaos Style!!

Wednesday, 8th August 2012

MonsterSquad Grandma Gets Crafty, Chaos Style!!

We all know I love a bit of crafting, but it really is quite simple to see where I get it from.

My mum, aka MonsterSquad Grandma has been an arty farty crafty for as long as I can remember! She sews, she knits, she crotchets, she scrapbooks and will attempt most anything in between!

I wanted to share with you all in this post what she has been up to lately, as I palmed my crafty ‘ideas’ off onto her!!! Hehehe!!!

Ok, so 1st up is a creation I first spotted on Pinterest.

Source: via Jacqui on Pinterest


I said, “Mum, I want that suit”…. She said, “Well find a bloody pattern then”.

So while I was on a child-free adventure at Spotlight, before the arrival of Elijah, I came across a knitting book with some pretty funky and out there designs in it. As I slowly flicked through the pages I discovered the pattern to the suit I so desperately wanted!!!


So MonsterSquad Grandma commenced creating the coolest frog suit ever.

Grandmas frog suit frog suit

Next on my ‘things to do list’ was to destroy a baby mobile and redesign it, suitable for a baby boy!

I had purchased this very cute girl mobile from a local op-shop for $1.00. (now if I had $1.00 for everyone that said to me “but aren’t you having a boy???’….)

Girl Mobile
The pretty pink girly mobile I paid $1.00 for!

I then went to Chickenfeed and purchased a pack of green, brown and grey felt. I think it cost me $4.00.

I drew up an owl design, cut it out and began to hand sew it. Lets just say I didn’t get very far before I cracked the poo’s and wished for a sewing machine.

The owl soon got packed away and I didn’t look at it again until after I had returned from hospital. With sleep deprivation doing me no favours at all, I passed this project on to mum. And geeze I am glad I did!

Here is what she made of my half-assed efforts!!!

Jai holding the owl mobile Mobile on changetable Handmade Owl

Take that you mobile making companies that only ever make owl mobiles in the colour pink!!!

And finally I want to share with you the blanket MonsterSquad Grandma knitted for little Elijah to use in the pram. Very retro type cool indeed! Just my style!

Elijah snuggled in the warmth of Grandma's cool blankie!
Elijah snuggled in the warmth of Grandma's cool blankie!

So when she is not busy making knitted toys for children’s hospitals, I wonder what I’ll ask her to make next!!!!



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    1. Oh my gosh I WANT THAT SUIT! How adorable is it?! Is your mother up for adopting a family of 5? She's very clever. And Elijah is gorgeous!

    2. ann

      I hate clever people!! My mum is like that too infact she has just finished knitting a jumper for my eldest from the womans weekly last month!! A coolpirate one!! I love handmade blankets and jumpers etc on my kids and they always ger comments, I even have a baby blanket that someone gave my mum when I was born and got to use that with my 2. Congrats on the arrival of your little guy and I am about to unlike your page as your pics are making me extremely clucky!!

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      oh, you'd miss us if you unliked us!!! :-P

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      She is thinking about making custom ones for other people. :-)

    5. WOW! She is super talented!! Love that frog suit. I can't wait to see little Eli all rugged up in it.

    6. commonchaoschronicle

      Me too! I had her make it bigger so he'd be sitting up for photos when he wears it!

    7. You are so lucky! My mum can't sew, knit or do any crafty things to save her life. I love both the frog suit AND the mobile! CLEVER!!

    8. Oooh I cant wait to see photos of Eli in that suits! Its freaken adorable! I love the new mobile as well!!

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