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School Bag Organisation – Creating a space your kids will LOVE!

Friday, 10th January 2014

School Bag Organisation – Creating a space your kids will LOVE!

Storing school bags can be a nightmare, especially when you have a large family. If I had a dollar for every time I walked through our front door when the kids were younger and tripped over their bags, hats, coats and shoes, I would be a loaded lady right now.

A couple of years ago now the whole school bag scenario got the best of me and I planned an entire make-over of our office/hallway space that would give the children a special place to put their bags and coats and keep organised in general.

School Bag Storage

It has been a total hit with the kids and we have not once looked back or fallen into the land of bag-floor chaos again.

Although this area in our home has undergone a colour change since first documenting our School Bag Rack & Organisation Station, the rack & noticeboards remain the same and are used daily at Chaos HQ.

Bag Rack Collage

If you have an area in your home you’d like to transform to make school life more organised, you can find my ‘HOW TO’ guide in a guest post I wrote for Kat, The Organised Housewife. Click this link HERE.

Bag Rack Pic 2

As an addition to what I have created in this area of our home, this year I am adding an extra hook for scarves and their swimming bags.

Do you have a special spot in your home for school bag storage?

Tell me, what would you add to this area to make life easier in your house?

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    1. Krystal Ferguson

      Wish I had a spot to do this!

    2. Looks great Jac!! For my kids' backpacks, I have two hooks underneath the kitchen bench for the kids to hang their bags at the end of the day. It still doesn't work though...they normally just throw them there. sigh. LisaW recently posted...Mood Board Monday | TypographyMy Profile

    3. Hey Jac! Somehow stumbled across your blog and am loving it! So many great organisation ideas, I should have got you to organise our classroom! Wish I could have come over and had a look at it all now but never mind. Shall be following you from now on :p Hope you and your family are having a good school holidays. Thanks for being a great neighbour to me last year! Hayley/Miss Wilson :)

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