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SPOTLIGHT – The One Where I Got To Do Some Craft Stuff, Totally CHILD FREE! It’s National Craft Month!

Monday, 2nd March 2015

SPOTLIGHT – The One Where I Got To Do Some Craft Stuff, Totally CHILD FREE! It’s National Craft Month!

So crafting in peace, on my own, has almost certainly become a thing of the past for me here at Chaos HQ.

Sad but true.

It is an extremely rare occasion when I can pop together a scrapbook page, paint something or get out my precious wool supply without having a drippy nosed little person hanging over my shoulder, pointing and poking and firing 300 million questions about what I am doing at me.

I mean that’s ok, kids love craft and I love that they show a keen interest in the things that I create but when the opportunity came up to attend a Spotlight (for those not in Australia, Spotlight is a big fabric/craft/wool/homewares type chain store) blogging event last week, there was no way, uh uh, not happening, that I was taking the mini monster with with me!

Let’s just say Elijah is at the ‘all hands and into everything’ stage and honestly, I really wanted to hear what the Spotlight team had to say, and trial some of their bits and pieces without having to chase the boy this way and that for 2 hours straight… so I invited MonsterSquad Grandma along for the day trip to Melbourne to look after him while I attended the event. PERFECT!

And what’s better than having kid-free craft time, than having it during NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH! WooHoo!!!

Spotlight 6

We arrived in good time from our early morning train trip and parted ways at the South Melbourne Market. I headed on up to the event meeting spot to wait with great anticipation at what I’d be in for when we reached the event room. (yes, I know, sounds very dramatic, but what can I say….. I LOVE CRAFT!!)

Spotlight (and Kids Business) did not disappoint with a fantastic room lay-out, allowing easy access to each table, with many different crafts to try and learn about!

PEBEO – Glass, Porcelain & Fabric Paint and Markers.

Whoa did I have fun at this stall, where I hand painted a tea-light candle glass using the Pebeo Glass Paint. Once painted, I just had to bake my design in the oven for 40mins and it became totally dishwasher safe! How cool is that? I predict a new line of Common Chaos Glassware hitting the cupboards of Chaos HQ real soon!

As well as the glass paint, they also have a pretty cool range of porcelain and fabric markers too. On display were some white sand shoes that had been drawn on and coloured in with the fabric markers, which has inspired me to get creative in the shoe department too. It’s on my list of projects to try for sure!

I’m also thinking personalised Christmas Pressies for Grandparents in the future too. I still have my picture plate I created back in Kindergarten, so it would be pretty cool to get my kids to design their own plates too using the porcelain markers…. oh the ideas are endless….

Spotlight 7

POP TAPE & LOOM BANDS & KIDS SEWING MACHINE – Crafty stuff for kids.Β 

Pop Tape is a wide (duct tape width) decorated tape that you can use to decorate all kids of things. Books, magazine holders, pen holders and more. The crafty Spotlight folk had also made some pretty cool flowers with it too!

Loom Band Kits to take anywhere as they’re special finger loom kits. Personally, I am over the whole loom band craze, and have vacuumed up more than I care to think about, but if you’re headed on long road trips or need to keep the kids entertained at appointments, I can see how these little kits would be fantastic.

Sew Cool – A kids sewing machine that binds special felt together to create pre-designed items. It also comes with felt that you can design your own things with. This would be a great start for a budding sewing enthusiast, however you have to use the specific felt as it has a special binding agent within it to keep the ‘stitches’ together. I say ‘stitches’ because it doesn’t actually have a needle in it so it’s totally child-safe.

Spotlight 1


Roberts Confectionary were there to showcase all their latest and greatest cake decorating supplies. The fondant colour range is fantastic and I learned heaps about laying fondant over cakes, creating that ‘grass’ look on cupcakes and how to make roses too.

With the amount of birthdays and parties that we have here at Chaos HQ, I can see the SPARTYS section of Spotlight copping a fair flogging over the next 6months from me.

My goodness though, we need to get through Easter first and there were some cute Easter biscuit designs that I might just share with you in a future post!

Spotlight 4


In the past I have been a bit ‘Meh’ about the range of fabrics that have been available but after seeing the new designer range’s that are available now, I am keen to get stuck back into sewing again. All the latest patterns and designs were on trend and begging me to purchase them to use around Chaos HQ. You’d all be proud of the restraint I actually held whilst looking in store.

The one crafty thing that I haven’t actually tried yet is quilting, and after checking out a quilting die-cut machine (much like the paper scrapbooking die cut machines but for fabric) I can see how tasks like cutting multiple pieces the same size would be much easier and quicker, and appliquΓ© has never been so easy with a brand new iron sticky film that helps you hold the pieces into place.

It’s really making learning a new skill far less daunting, and for the time poor, a total godsend!

Spotlight 8


I learnt how to make tassels in minutes, which is the latest and greatest extension on the whole ‘bunting’ trend. All you have to do is type ‘Tassels’ into Pinterest to see how popular they really are.

Also on the up are button design pictures. A super easy task for the kids to design and create too.

Tye-Dye is back again in easy to use, mess free kits that kind of make me feel silly for the mess I used to make as a teenager with the old nylon dyes! HAHAHA. Tulip is the brand you’re looking for and check out their brand new fluro kits. Very awesome indeed!

Finger knitting – Loom style on your hands is coming in just in time for winter meaning that if you can loom band, you can all of a sudden knit yourself scarves and more. I hope to put together a post on this too, because if you have a crafty kid, I think this would be right up there on their list of cool things to do.

Spotlight 5

And lastly…..


OMG, this is where my true crafty passions lie and by golly there is some funky bits and pieces coming out this Autumn. From brand new album designs to light up lettering you can decorate, between the 3 they pretty much cover all bases.

Project Life have a whole heap of new kits available, that come with embellishments already in them.

Spotlight 2

Heidi Swapp has created a whole new system of decorating and storing photos in a portable box that you could keep on display around the home for people to see. There are loads of YouTube clips to teach you where to start and how to put together simple but divine looking photo pieces.

Amy Tangerine has hit the nail on the head with her embellishments this season. My absolute favourites are the shaped paper clips and teeny tiny bulldog clips. Soo CUTE!

Spotlight 3

I fell a mega scrap-a-thon coming on…

It’s Spotlight’s National Craft Month for all of March and there are some amazing workshops and crafting sessions happening instore. See the Spotlight website for further info and to find out what’s happening with your craft of choice!

Thank-you to Spotlight and Kids Business for having me at the event, and thanks so much for choosing my glass painting entry to win second prize in the blogger comp! It’s all being put to good use here at Chaos HQ!


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