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The DIY creation of Levi’s New Bedroom – June/July 2011

Monday, 11th July 2011

The DIY creation of Levi’s New Bedroom – June/July 2011

I wont keep you all in suspense any longer. Although I wanted to wait until the whole area we have been working on was finished, I will give you a look at Levi’s new bedroom now. Here goes:

Here are a few photos of the area we had to work with for Levi’s room. It had previously been an exit into a veranda/porch but had been ‘renovated’ before we purchased the house.

The before shot of our new renovation. The space we were renovating from the opposite angle.

As you can see in the second picture we had to remove an old window that looked into our bathroom.

This next photo shows that we lowered and replaced the ceiling as it was damaged from an old leak.

Repairing the damaged ceiling

The new door way for the room

Here you can see that we have built a dividing wall in and re-plastered the entire area.

Staining the floorboards

After painting the walls a pale blue and finishing off a darker blue suede feature wall, it was time to stain the new floor boards we put down.

Completely finished painting this room

Light blue paint finished

So with the floor finished and the walls completely done, it was time to build the furniture and decorate his room!

The next few photos are what the room looks like tonight. We still have a little rocket ship lamp to mount on the wall, small white box frames to put up and a whole heap of toys to go through and put in his room.

Big wooden letters that spell out Levi

Levi in his new bedroom

The new wardrobe, bedside table and toy box

Levi playing on his bed in his new roomAnd that my friends is one big job done and out of the way resulting in a very very happy little boy!!!


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    1. Well done to both of you, it looks fantastic you are both so talented love to you all Joan xx

    2. I am just trying to figure out exactly where this is in your house I recognise the lino but not sure how far it is from your kitchen xx

    3. JEss M

      wow thats great! is it next to the bathroom????

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Yep it sure is Jess!

    5. commonchaoschronicle

      Its near the bathroom, kind of in that little room that was like a sunroom at the back of the house. Very hard to explain and might make more sense when we finish the office area and I put those pics up. :-)

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