Dear Elijah.

Dear Elijah….. 5 Weeks and 3 Days Old.

Thursday, 9th August 2012

Dear Elijah….. 5 Weeks and 3 Days Old.

Dear Elijah,

As I hold you in my arms after a cosy feed, I can’t help but mentally try and etch the last 5 weeks in my mind.

I am scared, scared I might forget these precious moments as time has just gone so quick since we welcomed you into this world.

On the 2nd of July 2012, you laid on my chest, skin to skin for the very first time. It was a first for you, but it was also a first for me too. Having never been offered this bonding experience before, the feeling of an almighty warm fuzziness took hold. I left you there snuggling and feeding for hours.

Eli skin to skin

We introduced you to your siblings when you were about 28hours old. They loved you to bits instantly. They may be loud, obnoxious and ‘in you face’ but they will be your best teachers in the future.

Levi and Eli Zaf and Eli Veruca and eli Aria and Eli Jai and Eli

Your little hungry head kept everyone awake in the hospital, even the midwives couldn’t entertain you so I could get some much needed sleep. You certainly made up for it though as your first night home from hospital, you slept 7 long hours so I could rest.

Bottle feed

I reckon you felt safe and secure once you got home, as you recognised the mayhem and constant noise.

I began topping you up with formula milk to try and satisfy your hunger. We’re still topping you up now as no matter how much time I spend breastfeeding you, you’re always hungry!!!

When you were 2 weeks old you visited the kids at school for ‘Show n Tell’. All the kids were infatuated with you, and the teachers had big cuddles.

show n tell aria

At 2 and a half weeks I took you on the train to Melbourne. We attended a blogging brunch where you shmoozed with some cool brands like Spotlight, Phillips & Holden. You inflicted your ‘cute moves’ on many a blogger, resulting in a room full of clucking women. I think you have more cyber aunties than any child I know!

Train ride

You have been very spolit. I am still to make up your thank-you cards to let all our friends and family know just how much we appreciate their time, love and gifts. I dare say you’re the biggest time waster yet! I spend so long just staring at you, cuddling you, bonding and tearing up with love.

Elijah, my littlest monster, you have rocked my world. You’ve made me rethink my role as a mum, you’ve brought the importance of stopping and soaking up the moments to the forefront of my priorities. You have made me realise that these moments wont last forever, soon you will be a big boy, then a man and I will miss the daily snuggles and knowing that right now, I am your world.

Eli and jac

I am tired, but you’re totally worth it, and I’m thankful for every squishy love filled moment with you.

Love Always,

Mum (aka… The Paparazzi)


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    1. Oh my gosh you've made me so clucky! Newborns are divine. My youngest is now 5 months, I think it's time for another one!

    2. Congratulations.....

    3. He is such a gorgeous baby...I'm not surprised you want to soak up every single moment! He is such a lucky boy to have so many siblings to fuss over him, and to watch his back when he's older. I'm very to have had some squishy cuddles with him! mwah, Cyber Aunty Lisa.

    4. I'm so glad I got to hold him and rock him. He such a good baby and so so cuddly!!! xx

    5. Aww so sweet , Eli is adorable.

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