Dear Elijah.

Dear Elijah – You’re 4 Months Old Already…

Tuesday, 6th November 2012

Dear Elijah – You’re 4 Months Old Already…

Dear Elijah Harper,

Well they say time flies when you’re having fun, but it seems to be powering past me at the speed of light, even when I’m sleep deprived and surviving on coffee alone.

You’re 4 months old already.

4 months. Where on earth did that go. Seriously.
One minute you were a teeny tiny newborn.
Now you’re cruising ahead in leaps and bounds with arms outstretched and legs-a-kickin’.

A few weeks ago I said good-bye to your size 000 clothes. It wasn’t an easy thing for me to do, knowing that you’ll be the last smoosher in our big family to use them.

I pulled out the size 00 clothes and you certainly fit into them. Sigh, soon you’ll be in size 0 and then in size 1 and before I know it you’ll be telling me you want to choose your own clothes to wear.

Much to everyone’s surprise you have almost got this ‘sitting up’ thing mastered. You wobble around and have face-planted a few times but for a 4mth old baby you have exceptional balance. A talent you did NOT get from me.

eli 4mths

You have started to really notice things.

Now when I nurse you in my arms while I am on the computer, your little curious hand sneaks out and presses all sorts of buttons on me. You have also taken a liking to pulling Zafirah’s hair when she caries you around.

You must be special to her because she takes your hair pulling guff like a grain of salt every time. Lucky you!

Your nickname is now little smoosher. Why? Cos you’re just so damn smooshy.

There’s no other word to describe the warm ‘smooshy’ feeling I get in my heart when I see, hear, or think about you. I could smoosh you with 1000 kisses and still want to smoosh you some more.

Daddy yawned the other day and you cried. It was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. He’s say’s I’ve smooshed you too much and you need to harden up.

I’m not sure yawning and smooshing are related.

In a few days, I will be taking you on your first ever airplane ride. I bet you’ll be a whole lot braver than me. We’re going to Sydney to see some people that may also want to smoosh you too.

How exciting and what a cool adventure to have at only 4mths old.

Baby boy, you complete our family. You make my heart swell with love and my eyes swell with happy tears.

Each and every one of us loves you to bits and look forward to seeing you grow.

Love Mum xox




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    1. Aww Jac what a beautiful letter to Elijah . He is so adorable can't wait to meet him.

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