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All I Want For Christmas Is…. A Decent Feed! The 4 INGREDIENTS CHRISTMAS Cookbook Giveaway!

Wednesday, 7th December 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is…. A Decent Feed! The 4 INGREDIENTS CHRISTMAS Cookbook Giveaway!

We all love the spread of food that gets laid out for Christmas dinners.

Whether you have a traditional Christmas lunch or a modern Aussie BBQ, the food and the company make it a special day of the year.

This Christmas I have got myself a copy of Kim McKosker’s 4 Ingredients Christmas Cookbook.

4 Ingredients Christmas

Let me tell you…. there are some frightfully delicious looking recipes in this book.

How do these sound??

* Chocolate Crepes…

* Citrus Glazed Ham…

* Honey Glazed Sweet Potato…

* Caramel Ice-Cream…

* Plum Pudding (With only 4 ingredients!!!)…

or something like..

* Choc Cherry Fudge???? ooooh YUM!

Kim’s book covers entrees, mains, desserts, treats and there’s even a drinks section.

So the lovely people who distribute 4 Ingredients Christmas, have offered me 3 books to give away to you lucky readers, right in time for this years Christmas feasts.

All I want you to do is leave a comment on this blog post stating what your favourite Christmas treat/meal is and I will choose the best 3 answers to win!

It’s that easy!

So what are you waiting for?? Enter now! You have to be in it to win it!!!

Luv JAC xox



Terms & Conditions:

* Comment must be on this actual blog post as Facebook comments will not be taken into account.

* My decision is final.

* Competition closes on Sunday the 11th of December at 5pm Melbourne Time.

* Winners will be notified via email and are expected to reply with postal details ASAP as the end of the year is approaching fast.




    Written by:

    1. Charmaine Hutton

      My favourite meal/treat for christmas is ham on the bone. It's available all year round but for some reason we only ever buy it at christmas time. I think the reason it's my favourite has something to do with the challenge of finding 101 recipes based on ham that you have to create AFTER christmas to finish the ham off! lol

    2. Mandy ferry

      Trifle is tradition in our home. And yummy ham.

    3. My favourite Christmas meal is hot glazed ham with roasted potatos! It is something you never eat the rest of the year so special to Christmas.

    4. Claire Lewis

      My favourite Christmas food is the traditional fruit cake my mum makes every year for the family, as my grandmother did before her, and the 2 generations before her - all using the same family recipe! I look forward to the time when it is my turn, and then my daughter after me.

    5. Kelly B

      My Mum and I used to make peppermint logs & Polly logs every Christmas - a delicious treat that has created so many beautiful memories :-)

    6. Kelly B

      Oops - lolly logs haha

    7. Anything not cooked by me ;)

    8. Rachael Perrott

      I favorite would be Chocolate Ripple Cake ... but I think I am excluded from entering anyways ... hahaha

    9. Kat

      My favourite treat at Christmas is Christmas Rum Balls, I enjoy making them with my kids but mostly I love the memory of making them with my Nan and having the spirit of her still with us at Christmas :)

    10. Bev Ashton

      My favourite treat for christmas would have to be the smile on the childrens faces as they make the chocolate royal puddings with mint leaves and jaffas. They love being involved and making them for the teachers and their friends. No mess at all because everything is usually licked clean!

    11. Tracy Williams

      My favourite Christmas food is all those treats! Spending time to make special desserts and planning the menu is something we don't do for any other day. Merry Christmas!

    12. My fav Christmas food is Apple Pie. It's not a traditional christmas food, but I don't like sultanas so don't eat either Christmas Cake or Pudding. One year my mum surprised me by making me Apple Pie instead because it's one of my favourites, and each year I have been surprised again as she's kept on doing it (and I've kept on forgetting!)... until this year. This year I'm waiting and very excited! hehe :) Love my mum. She's so special.

    13. Deann

      This is going to sound weird to everyone else but... its has meaning to our family and thats what makes it special!... Our favourite Christmas treat for Christmas lunch is..... **drum roll** Cold KFC!!!!!!! Growing up there was 6 kids in our family and as you can imagine take away was a real treat so we used to get KFC Chicken to have on Christmas Day... along side prawns and leg ham but the KFC was the favourite... and we are all grown adults in our late 20's / early 30's and living out of home now and still enjoy going to Mum's for Chrismas lunch and our COLD KFC!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    14. Ann brasser

      My biggest treat when I was little was getting to eat Lollies & chocolate for breakfast which is a tradition we now do with my kids

    15. Alicia

      My favourite Christmas food is my grandmothers Christmas pudding. We lived away from family and would travel home for Christmas and all the family would get together for Christmas lunch and the pudding was always the best! When I purchased my first house my grandmother came and taught me how to make them, so now it's my kids who are looking forward to the pudding! A tradition continues!

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