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All I Want For Christmas Is….. A FAMILY HOLIDAY

Tuesday, 6th December 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is….. A FAMILY HOLIDAY

We all know that feeling where there is nothing you would like more than to escape reality and enjoy a family getaway.

Such things like this don’t come our way very often, so when the opportunity arose to take the monsters and myself on a weekend away to the most fabulous PHILLIP ISLAND in Victoria, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

We jumped in the car and headed off on our first family adventure in over 2 years!

Guess where we went first???

Panny’s Amazing CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!!


YUMMO! We checked out the awesome tour, where we discovered where chocolate comes from, how it is processed and we even got to watch the chocolate makers in action!

Along the way we had fun playing with robotic arms to fetch us bite sized samples, we used the very awesome chocolate squiggle machine and were amazed by the chocolate waterfall…. yep, you just read that right!!!

The kids LOVED it, and to be honest, so did Brian and I. It’s interesting, educational but most of all deliciously FUN.

We will definitely head back there again in the future to check out Panny’s latest creations.

chocolate factory

Next up on our list of things to do was to visit the CHURCHILL HERITAGE FARM.

The landscape was beautiful, the buildings were grand and the kids were happy to run and play for a while.

The highlight of our time at the farm was the horse and cart ride. It would have been awesome if it went a little longer than 2 mins, but those things pick up quite a bit of speed you know! The kids had a blast and I’m sure if they could’ve snuck the horse in the car they would’ve tried.

We would have loved to have a go at the cow milking but unfortunately due to a mistake on the itinerary, we missed it by half an hour. Maybe next time!

The restaurant/cafe was very pricey, so if you’re taking a tribe like us, be sure to pack a picnic lunch!

churchill island farm


Later that afternoon we headed out towards THE NOBBIES.

The Nobbies??? you say??? Well yes, its an amazing viewing venue on top of a huge rise.

We spent quite a lot of time up at the Nobbies, watching the gorgeous seals through the binoculars and these recordable viewing devices.

We walked the boardwalks around the edge of the ocean and even marveled at some baby seagulls. (Well the kids thought they were cute anyway).

The venue has a massive cafe-eating area and also has an indoor playground and arcade area for the kids to let off some energy in.

They had a blast!

We let them choose something each from the gift shop, which I might add had a very impressive shark hanging in it, then retreated to the car for some cruising around the island to check out some of the amazing ocean views.

the nobbies

Our last stop of day one was the world famous PENGUIN PARADE.

We were lucky enough to be treated to a little guided tour by a fabulous ranger called Danene.

She walked us through the parade venue like a guided school tour. The children just adored her and her stories about the penguins, their history and why we don’t actually call them ‘Fairy’ Penguins anymore.

Danene showed us all the interactive displays, lined the kids up in penguin size order and let us peek in some nesting boxes.

It was so fantastic that we not only got to explore the center, the kids got a whole educational experience to go with it.

As we farewelled Danene along the boardwalk towards the penguin plus viewing platform, it became apparent that if you’re going to watch thousands of penguins come in from the sea, you should probably wear some really really warm clothes!!!

That’s right it poured down on us and our wind breaking jackets didn’t quite cut it!!! We were like a pack of drowned rats but it didn’t matter because once those penguins came waddling along in their parade, nothing else mattered.

They are just the most adorable little things, and to see them up that close was just amazing.

I cannot recommend the PENGUIN PARADE enough. If you can afford it, pay for the penguins plus option for an even closer look at the parade!

the penguin parade

We left the parade venue and headed to our accommodation at the ALL SEASONS PHILLIP ISLAND RESORT.


Woo, very swish!

It was lovely to find a venue that could cater accommodation to our big family and the staff were just lovely. Our room was equip with cooking facilities and it even had its own laundry if you were staying a while.

Day 2 saw us rise early and explore the streets of Phillip Island some more. After we ate breakfast we headed to the last venue on our list of places to see.


Here we learnt all about Koalas and other animals that live in their environment via the big interactive educational boards.

After a quick photo shoot with a rather large koala (lets just say Levi wussed out) we walked the tracks and tree top boardwalks around the center on a koala viewing hunt!!!

And we saw HEAPS!

All snug up in their trees. Plus we also saw some kookaburras, a wallaby and some cute little rabbits.

Another great Phillip Island experience!

koala conservation centre

We had such a great time on our weekend getaway, that I would love another holiday for Christmas!!!

Wouldn’t you??

For more information about prices, ticketing and venues in Phillip Island, check out their website:

And be sure to check out their 3 park pass to save some money πŸ™‚





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    1. I love this place, I've wanted to take my boys for a long time and myself - the Penguins and oh I didn;t know about the chocolate. Thanks for the heads up and tips. (Ps I love the way you have arranged he photo collages *hint*)

    2. It sounds fantastic! I'm always interested in hearing about places to stay that can accommodate large families

    3. Haha, I heard penguins and thought of Tina!! And any cafe that has an indoor playground is a winner in my books *bliss*

    4. One of my closest friends lives on Phillip Island. Thanks for the reminder I need to go visit her more often and take my family! So many great ideas.

    5. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Would love to go for a weekend trip to Philip Island during the Summer break. Looks like an awesome place for the kids to have fun in too!

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