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All I Want For Christmas Is…. Something Ridiculously CUTE! Like a Talking Husky Pup!

Thursday, 8th December 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is…. Something Ridiculously CUTE! Like a Talking Husky Pup!

Today I am sharing something that I think is ridiculously cute.

Yes we are a husky owning family and Mishka is a bit of a talker.

Mishka Our Husky


Meet Jingle The Interactive Talking Husky Pup. Now, That’s cute.

jingle the husky

Here’s how it works:

You press on Jingle’s ear and then you read the story book in a clear voice.

As you read the the highlighted phrases in the book, little Jingle interacts with you by barking and making other sounds all throughout the story book.

This is an awesome way to spark the children’s interest in reading at such a tiring time of the year.

Back View of Jingle The husky Pup
Side view of jingle the husky pupOther side view of Jingle the Husky Pup

Especially great for my monster Aria, who reads exceptionally well, only in the tiniest mouse voice you have ever heard.

Getting her to read something she is interested in and in a louder clear voice is a win/win in my book.

I’m so glad Jingle is now a part of our family!
jingle book

Jingle retails in all good book stores, gift stores and newsagents and is a fantastic buy for $34.99. He makes a wonderful addition to your home, but would also make a great Chrissy present.

But wait…. it gets cooler….

There is also a FREE iPhone/iPad App too.

Download the app for a narrated version of the story or you can even record yourself reading it for the younger readers amongst us.

There are also musical games and puzzles for the kids to play as well.

For more info on Hallmarks Story Buddies click HERE!

Want to buy Jingle online? Click HERE!

Last year, Jingle SOLD OUT in the USA. Get in quick so you don’t miss him this year.


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    1. Kara

      Oh where did you get him Jac...very gorgeous, is there somewhere in town selling it?

    2. Awesome blog post. He looks adorable. N x

    3. That is so ridiculously adorable .

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