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Christmas Gift Buying – Chaos Style – PART 2 – Buying For TEENS!

Sunday, 4th November 2012

Christmas Gift Buying – Chaos Style – PART 2 – Buying For TEENS!

Purchasing presents is not always an easy task and if you have little ones, I covered how we deal with the arrival of Santa in Part 1, which you can read by clicking HERE.

I think the hardest thing about purchasing gifts for Christmas is purchasing them for teenagers.

Granted there are some teenagers out there that are easy to buy for.

They like a few certain things and can be easily pleased, but for the majority, it’s going to cost you a mint, have to have the right ‘brand’ on it and will be tossed out for something new before you’ve recovered from what it cost you.

I have had to buy for a few teenage cousins in the past, but I have not yet had to budget and buy for my own teenagers so I am in no way an expert in this matter. I am just going to share with you what I would do, and what I think is fair and appropriate in the gift giving stakes!



1. Asking them what they want is never going to be pretty but if you do, make sure you ask them for a list of several things so you can pick and choose according to your budget. (Do tell them that you wont be purchasing everything on the list!)

2. Set yourself a reasonable budget. Expect that teenage things might cost a little more than something a 4 year old wants.

3. When possible get them to pre-pick things out so that you don’t buy something ‘dorky’ or ’embarrassing’. Older teenagers might like to go shopping with you before X-mas and lay-by clothes or shoes or whatever it is that they want. Make sure you tell them the budget and stick to it.

4. Vouchers can be great, but lack the early Christmas morning pressie opening excitement. Everyone want’s something to open so even if you only buy a couple of little surprise gifts topped up with a voucher from their favourite store then you’ll be on the right track.

5. When in doubt, consult their friends. That’s what I would do!


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Most teens are going to try their luck and ask for a big item. Big items are things like iPads, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Musical Instruments, Gaming consoles etc etc etc, but if you can’t afford these type of things or are looking for some other ideas try some of these:

* iTunes Recharge Card

* Clothes & Shoes

* Vouchers

* Fashion Accessories like sunglasses, hairbands, jewellery, bags

* Outdoor Equipment like camping gear, sports stuff, car accessories (if they’re nearing that age)

* Novelty gifts

* Board Games, Games for their consoles, Playstation Network Cards

* Nerf Guns

* Books

* DVD Collections

* Bedroom Decorations

* Camera & Scrapbook stuff

* Cooking Accessories – Ice-cream machines, muffin makers, popcorn machines etc

* Make-up, hair products, Bath/shower packs, Perfumes

* Cash in a card

One of the best places you will shop for a teen is Online.

Whether it be eBay or online stores, you are bound to find something they don’t yet have and something they really like.

When researching for this post, store names such as Diva, Lovisa, Equip, JB-HI, EB Games and JayJays came up. I also looked up things like ‘One Direction’, ‘Justin Beiber’ & ‘Anime’ on eBay and the possibilities are endless.

Try having something personalised for them. Source a blanket with their favourite superstar on it and have their name embroidered on it, to make it that little bit extra special!

Purchase wooden letters of their name and decorate to match their room.

Buy them tickets to a show, a concert or a movie they would love to see…

Brainstorm and see what other ideas you can come up with!

So that’s my take on shopping for teenagers.

I’d love for you to comment below with more ideas for what to buy teenagers because there are many Common Chaos Chronicle readers that would love some suggestions!

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    1. Great ideas! I have a 16 year old niece and a 14 year old nephew - who luckily makes Christmas lists. If they want a big ticket item, a few of us aunts and uncles put in to get them the game console or whatever they're after.

    2. Great ideas, Jac. This is why I like doing the Secret Santa with our older kids. Now I only need to buy one teenager a gift, and that's only if I end up with one as their Secret Santa ;) Thanks for linking up x

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