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Good Friday Appeal 2012 – Give That They May Grow.

Friday, 6th April 2012

Good Friday Appeal 2012 – Give That They May Grow.

Today I am spending the day with my children, doing some quick crafts and watching the Royal Children’s Hospital, Good Friday Appeal.

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For those of you that are not from Victoria, Good Friday is the day where Victorians pull out their pennies and donate what they can to support the hospital in all that they do to save the lives of children from all over Australia and the world.

Here in our town, the local fire truck (followed by a busload of collectors) rings it’s siren and drives up and down every street so residents can walk outside and fill their shaker tins with loose change.

This has become a tradition in our house. Our children get out their piggy banks and take half of their coins out to donate to the hospital. They don’t complain, they see the children on the TV and they know where their money is going and who it is going to help.

This year is a little more important to them as one of their school members is still down at The Royal Children’s Hospital receiving treatment as I type.

You can read Jordan O’Riely’s story HERE

If you would like to donate you can do it online by clicking HERE!!!

I’d love to hear your stories of the help the hospital has given your family, if you are up to sharing, please leave a comment on this post.

Have a safe and happy Easter.



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    1. Krystal

      Definately something I am passionate about. My oldest was born with hip dysplasia and when she was one it was corrected at the Royal Childrens. Without them she would not be living the normal life she is now :) Give that they may grow.

    2. Love how you've encouraged and taught your kids to share what they've got. It's always great to start them young. :)

    3. I hope the GoodFriday appeal is very successful. You are raising kind hearted kids Jacqui , the world need more of them.

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