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How To Make An Easy DIY Advent Calendar.

Thursday, 4th December 2014

How To Make An Easy DIY Advent Calendar.

This year I decided that I’d finally put together a DIY Advent Calendar for the MonsterSquad to enjoy in the lead up to Christmas.

It’s something that I have been meaning to do for the last 3 or 4 years but I had always ended up with the supermarket bought chocolate calendars that always caused endless arguments and usually ended up either melted and gross in our summer heat, or taking up much needed food room inΒ our fridge each December!

There are so many different ideas floating around on Pinterest and in Google searches but to be honest, I hadn’t even looked this year as my idea was sparked by spotting a simple Christmas Ornament Holder that was on sale at our local Aldi Supermarket.

DIY Advent Calendar 2

It cost me $8.99 and is made of a sturdy fabric covered cardboard. Of course it’s designed to hold your fancy tree ornaments and baubles but in my eyes I saw the perfect canvas for our DIY Advent Calendar.

I got it home and assembled it in such hast that I forgot to photograph it before opening it, for you all. I’ve found a catalog picture of the exact item though (see above) and I have also seen similar storage in Target, Kmart and Big W too.

I picked up some tinsel at Woolworths that coordinates with our baubles and purchased some goody bags & crepe paper from the gift section of the Reject Shop. Next year I would like to sew up some bags myself but time did not permit this year.

To attach the tinsel and the ornaments I used my trusty staple gun. Too easy!

With the extra pockets I decorated with some hanging ornaments. Next year I will mix it up again and change the decorations!

DIY Advent Calendar 1

Kmart has a fantastic $1 lolly section that allowed me to grab a few different selections, I used some unused toy party favours and balloons as well and also popped in some little santa chocolates from Aldi in the packages. Each day there is something different which makes it all that more exciting for the kids.

To eliminate arguments, I’ve put 6 of each thing in each package (because we have 6 kids) and they are taking it in turns to open one package a day, in age order starting at oldest to youngest, which has worked well so far.

DIY Advent Calendar 3

As you can see in the photos, there is one package missing. There will be a little note/treasure hunt on the 24th December for the MonsterSquad to do, to find a larger treat each!

All up I think I spent around $30.00 setting the Advent Calendar up, which worked out more expensive than the usual chocolate calendars, but next year I will start collecting different bits and pieces throughout the year to use as trinkets and treats in December, cutting down costs in our most expensive month of the year.

DIY Advent Calendar 5

What do you think?

Would you like to make a DIY calendar for your home too?

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    1. So sweet! I have been wanting to make a calendar yearly too but never get organised as Christmas just creeps up doesn't it?! I have been meaning to purchase the thick cardboard drawers you can buy at Spotlight. Maybe at the post-Christmas sales. Have a great Christmas guys!

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