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Levi Turns 5 + A Quick & Easy Transformers Cake.

Wednesday, 14th May 2014

Levi Turns 5 + A Quick & Easy Transformers Cake.

On April 23rd 2014, Levi celebrated his 5th Birthday.

After what seemed like a never-ending countdown of day’s, the 23rd arrived and Levi was 110% pumped that he was now a super big 5 year old.

It was the fastest I have ever seen him get dressed and ready in his school uniform, before getting stuck into the most important part of his day…. His PRESSIES! LOL

Levi B'day 2014 THREE

With the influence of his bigger brother Jai, Levi has enjoyed the Transformers from a very young age, and still puts them on top of every birthday and Christmas list he makes. This year we got him a Transformers ‘Bot Shots’ multi-pack, which he loves to bits.


Levi's B'day 2014 ONE

He is also a mega fan of the ‘Onesie’…. As in an all-in-one pajama suit! When I discovered this warm polar fleece Minion Onesie in Big W, I knew it was the perfect gift for him.

After a week of wearing it every single night (and day when he could) I had to pry it from him to put it through the wash! I’d say that’s another much loved pressie! LOL

Levi's B'day 2014 SEVEN

It really is a bit CUTE. πŸ™‚


Levi B'day 2014 TWO

Levi was also spoiled with a Nerf dart gun and a Lego Movie Set. What an awesome Birthday surprise!

I usually organise a cake or cupcakes for the kids to take to school and share with their school friends on their birthdays. It’s become a bit of a tradition and they always have some great ideas of what they would like to take.

This year Levi asked for Transformers Cupcakes.

I passed the baking onto MonsterSquad Grandma, who usually does all of our baking because the seals on our oven are buggered.

This year we had an epic cupcake fail. None of us know what went wrong with them, but they just didn’t cook properly and flopped everywhere in the weak patty pans I had.

Time for PLAN B!

Levis B'day 2014 FOUR

As it was approaching 7pm the night before we needed a cake to take into school, I decided to head up to our local supermarket and grab some pre-made sponge cakes to decorate. Much to my disgust, every cake on the shelf was past it’s use-by date!!!! Gross.

So I admitted defeat and purchased some vanilla cake packet mixes, some mini choc chips and got to work baking a couple of cakes for Levi’s class to enjoy. After an extended baking time due to our dodgy oven, I had produced a very edible vanilla choc chip cake! WOOHOO.

Since the original plan was out the window I just had to ‘wing’ it and create a Bumblebee cake using yellow icing and licorice straps. I still had an Autobot symbol from a cake I had made a few years ago for my husband which was lucky!

Turns out the kids at school loved his cake as much as he did and I sighed on mega breath of relief!

Levi's B'day 2014 SIX

At home after dinner we sang Happy Birthday as a family and enjoyed a good ol, store brought Freddo Ice-Cream Cake! YUM!

Happy Birthday Big 5 Year Old!




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    1. Trish

      Happy birthday Levi . The cake looks great.

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