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SANTA’S MAGICAL KINGDOM – A Christmas Treat We’ll Never Forget!

Saturday, 17th November 2012

SANTA’S MAGICAL KINGDOM – A Christmas Treat We’ll Never Forget!

SMK 1 Before we left
{The MonsterSquad before we headed down to Melbourne! - Excited much??? Indeed}

For me there is nothing greater than the magical spirit of Christmas, and seeing it embrace a child, allowing them to get lost in the cheer and excitement of it all.

Last Thursday night we traveled down to Melbourne to check out Santa’s Magical Kingdom, where the spirit of Christmas is well and truly pumping.

We arrived early and fed the MonsterSquad up on sandwiches and cake to eliminate some nagging before we got out of the van. As they ate, excitement was building. After all, they could see the entry gates, the Ferris Wheel and the biggest slide any of us have ever seen before!

SMK Family
{Here we are filling in time and waiting to go into the venue!}

MonsterSquad Dad was getting a little ‘Grinchy’ (he’s not the greatest fan of Christmas cheer – AKA Monsters bouncing off the walls of a confined space not listening to a word either of us say), so we got out of the Van and headed towards the line to get in.

Now, there are some things only a parent could understand, and more so a parent of a cheeky little ‘Monster’ (or 6).

We often do and say things in order to keep the kids in line and to keep a lid on the crazy nonsense that kids can get up to in the excitement leading up to Christmas. Let’s be honest, we do what we have to do.

Last year, ahem, ‘Mr’s Claus’ may have rang the MonsterSquad up on the phone and warned them about their nonsense behavior….

This year, as we were guest’s of Mrs Claus at Santa’s Magical Kingdom, the MonsterSquad were invited to interview the real MRS CLAUS!!!

SMK 6 Meeting Mrs Claus
{Rubbing shoulders with Christmas Royalty!}

Now if that’s not going to keep a check on the kids behavior, then I don’t know what is. Personally, I feel like some special Christmas Angel is looking down upon me at Chaos HQ and my Christmas dreams are all coming true.

As we stood  in the line at the front gate of Santa’s Magical Kingdom, I reminded the MonsterSquad of their interview with Mrs.Claus and how she was expecting to see them.

We all had the opportunity to ask her a Christmas Question each, and after hours of deliberation the Monsters decided on asking what kids all around Australia would want to know most. MonsterSquad Dad on the other hand had his own agenda!!!!

Have a read for yourself and see what Mrs Claus had to say….

1. What do you do to keep busy while Santa delivers the presents? – Jai (8)

Each year I like to prepare a delicious Christmas Feast for Santa and the Elves… As there are a lot of mouths to feed on Christmas day it takes me quiet a while to whip up a feast fit for Santa and the Workshop crew. As we will be celebrating Christmas Day in Australia this year, I have decided to create a scrumptious surf and turf menu with lots of fresh prawns and as you Aussie’s like to say, some snags on the barbie!

2. How many elves are there at the North Pole? – Aria (8)

There are two hundred elves that help Santa make toys in his North Pole Workshop. Because they have been making toys for a very long time, they have become very quick at being able to create many different types of toys for children of all ages. The Elves are very dedicated when it comes to making sure that all  children from around the world are happy on Christmas Day!

3. Why do you and Santa always wear red & white? – Zafirah (7)

One year we had a snow blizzard at the North Pole where we decided Rudolph would lead Santa’s sleigh in order to get all the presents delivered on time. Rudolph’s red nose gave me an fantastic idea! As I sew all of Santa’s outfits, I decided to make Santa’s outfit red, just like Rudolph’s nose! That way he would really he would look very striking in new red outfit and he was visible through the snow blizzard. Santa liked his red outfit so much that he refuses to wear any anything else.

4. Is there really a naughty and nice list? – Veruca (6)

Because Santa loves new toys himself, he keeps his naughty and nice list on his iPad. The list is always being updated and monitored very closely. We also like to call the the bigger kids on the telephone (your Mum and Dad) and get them to tell us if you have been well behaved.

5. How many toys are made in a day at the North Pole? – Levi (3)

Santa and his Elves are a very productive bunch! They often lose count of how many toys they make in one day. In the days before Christmas, Santa consults his list and the presents are divided up in accordance with just how well behaved Children have been for the year.

6. What is your favourite thing about visiting Melbourne? – Jac (Mum)

It’s very hard to choose a favourite thing dear! Just this week I indulged in some scrumptious Dim Sims from the South Melbourne Markets, drank a hot chocolate or two at 1000 Blessings in Richmond and hopped on a bus with some savvy shoppers to hunt down many a bargain. But if I had to choose a favourite moment of my trip so far, I would have to say helping out the crew at Santa’s Magical Kingdom to make sure everything is as special and magical as it can be for the families of Melbourne. This event is my gift to Melbourne and I hope it’s creates happy memories that last a lifetime!

7. Are you able to keep a close eye on the MonsterSquad in the lead up to Christmas? Thanks In Advance – Brian (MonsterSquad Dad)

I would be glad to Brian, I can’t wait to see the Monster Squad’s faces light up when they enter into Santa’s Magical Kingdom. I am also looking forward to reading you a story or two while you enjoy the free milk and cookies.
Mrs. Claus

Why thank you Mrs Claus. I’m sure many Chaos parent’s will be sharing this interview with their own Monsters today!

Now, finally it was time to enter Santa’s Magical Kingdom.

SMK 2 As we entered
{Look at the joy on Zafirah's face!! Even the Christmas Grinch AKA MonsterSquad Dad looks pumped!}

Breathtaking. Seriously.

Think thousands of gorgeous fairy lights, snow, carols and so much more. Then, you’ll be about a quarter of the way to imagining how freakin’ awesome it all looked.

The hardest thing for us to do with the 6 kids was to decide what we were going to look at first.

SMK 3 The rides
{Rides suitable for all aged kiddies!}

The rides had the Monsters in awe, the craft stations were calling and Santa’s reindeer were looking as cute as ever.

My greatest tip for dealing with all of this is to check out the MAP online and decide what you’re going to do first! Don’t wander around checking things out, like we did, or you might just run out of time – There’s so much awesomeness to see!!!!

SMK Letters to Santa
{The kids wrote and posted their letters to Santa while we were there!}

Now as if walking through an amazing Christmas wonderland, with rides, activities, roaming characters, games, snow, deer, the ‘Mrs Claus’ and more just isn’t enough, your entry into Santa’s Magical Kingdom, also includes a 40min Circus spectacular.

SMK 4 The Circus
{If you want to know what death defying action goes on in that big ball, go get yourself a ticket NOW!!! Amazing!!!}

And you won’t be disappointed. Jaw dropping action to the maximum extreme.

I will admit that I spent a lot of the Circus time simply watching the MonsterSquad’s faces light up as they watched what was going on onstage. The amazement on their dials left me wondering what they were thinking, I’m fairly certain Veruca has decided on her future career….

All in all it was fantastic. As we pulled into the driveway at 1.30am in the morning, in a half asleep mumble Levi asked “Can we go back tomorrow?” The poor kid didn’t want to leave!!!

SMK 5 Snow Land
{Love a snowy adventure!}

I have read some people complaining about the ticket prices and I truly believe it is well worth every cent. I don’t know of many other child friendly events that have this much going on and an amazing circus for $35.

(I know when other less impressive circus’s come to our little town, we pay around that price to walk across a mud filled field and see things no where near as fantastic, and that certainly doesn’t include all the other stuff either. Local Shopping centers are even charging to do Christmas Crafts now as well)

If it’s in your budget and you adore Christmas, GO.

Memories last a lot longer than the wrapping on a gift, and I think this would be one very amazing gift to give to a child at Christmas.

SMK 7 Mixed
{If you can, take Grandma too! MonsterSquad Grandma had a blast!!}

My Top Tips For Attending Santa’s Magical Kingdom!!!

1. Arrive early to get into the parking lot. It’s onsite and easy to find, but it’s not massive. We arrived around an hour early and got a park instantly. We used that hour to feed the kids a picnic dinner.

2. Check out the map and work out what are your top things to do in case you run out of time. (I don’t see this being a massive issue with a couple of kids, but getting 6 kids through everything obviously takes longer!)

3. Although there are a couple of ATM’s on site, to save time, be prepared with ‘spending cash’ should you need or want it.

4. Santa Photos are available and are at an extra cost (like at shopping centers). We were dressed and prepared for our photo but ran out of time to get it done. If you’re keen on getting it done at Santa’s Magical Kingdom, jump in that line first!!!

5. Take your camera. Soooo many photo opportunities.

6. Talk to Mrs Claus – She’s a gem.

7. Wipes – Our kids were given Jelly beans and Ice-Creams. LOL

8. You can take your pram in to SMK, but you can’t take it into the actual Circus tent. Be prepared to park it in pram parking so take all your valuables in one easy to carry bag.

9. You can visit Santa without actually having a photo done!

10. Take the older kiddies along too. There’s a gaming area that they’d love and you’re never too old for Christmas in my eyes!

Tickets available HERE. The event runs right up until the 23rd Dec 2012!

Thank-you Santa’s Magical Kingdom, we will never forget this awesome experience and hope to visit again next year!

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who said: The looks on my children’s faces, not only when they see the presents but also when they see family we don’t see often.



who said: The night before Christmas…. When all dreams and hopes are possible and love and excitement fill the air.


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    1. Alison Wilson

      It looks fantastic. I love the questions the kids asked Mrs Claus, and MonsterSquad's Dad's question was very good. :-) Last year my 3yo asked Santa "Why aren't you wearing your shorts?" (as in the song "Santa Wear Your Shorts!"

    2. Wow how amazing is SMK - love your photos and tips Jacqui.

    3. Shanon curran

      It sounds absolutely fantastic!!! I'm really seriously thinking of taking my own little monsters! The photos are gorgeous, I'm sure ur little cherubs really loved their treat! Oh I feel Xmas in the air :))

    4. Looks like alot of fun. Your photos are gorgeous! Love the questions you guys asked Mrs Claus, also loving how she answered each one. :) Thanks for sharing.

    5. dazza

      we are glad u had a great time and look farward to seing u all again next year merry xmas daz (dj on santas slagh ride )

    6. what a magical event!!!! visitng from TG.M :)

    7. What a great event, and love the photos of the kids!

    8. That looks so fantastic! I'm a bit jealous :P

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