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The ‘C’ Word – A Special Christmas Visitor at Chaos HQ

Saturday, 20th October 2012

The ‘C’ Word – A Special Christmas Visitor at Chaos HQ

I have been stalking blogs for a few years now and about this time every year I see many pop up with Elf On The Shelf posts.

I have watched quietly intrigued and have often thought to myself how I would love to adopt a little elf at Chaos HQ.

Well guess what??

Elf on the shelf

I have received word from the North Pole that a visitor is on his way to keep an eye on the MonsterSquad in the lead up to this Christmas.

I can’t wait to see the kids faces light up when the discover our guest and learn the tradition behind the Elf on the Shelf.

It has me thinking, I wonder if the MonsterSquad will keep up their mischievous tricks knowing too well that their elf will be watching them and reporting back to Santa each day???

It could just be the end to all the MonsterSquad Mayhem at Chaos HQ!!!!

Oh glorious days ahead……

Does your family have an Elf visitor each year?

Is he a cheeky elf or a behaved elf?

What do you think we should name our elf?



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    1. i put in my application for adoption last night for my little elf ,thinking i might name him elvis in honour of my late nana who was a massive elvis Presley fan or is that a little odd ?

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Elvis the Elf sounds cool. I'd go with that.

    3. We have an Elf visitor. He's a little naughty and a little good. I can't wait for him to visit again ;)

    4. Krystal

      Wow that thing is creepy! Don't know that I could handle one of those at my place LOL

    5. kelly n Matt rinaldi-Bull

      i have too stalked and watched the shelf on an elf on lots of blogs over the yars i thing next xmas i will have to adopt one xxx

    6. He is very cute. We've never done the Elf on the Shelf thing but it looks like lots of fun.

    7. Becky

      I've just ordered mine online! Should get it by the 7th of nov but I've started already telling miss R that Santa has a helper and friend that helps him out deciding whether a child has been good or naughty and that soon he will be paying us a visit. She didn't seem that impressed lol!

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