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The ‘C’ Word – It’s time to get organised!

Saturday, 13th October 2012

The ‘C’ Word – It’s time to get organised!

Last night on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page I mentioned the ‘C’ word…..

That’s right I sure did.


Now for most of us who seem to lose weeks at a time, last Christmas feels like it was only a month or so ago, but back in the land of reality, we’re facing the big day in approximately 11 little weeks.

Where has 2012 gone?


Xmas 2009
{Our Xmas Card Photos From 2009!}

So I have put it upon myself to become more organised this year in the Christmas stakes.

Afterall, it is my most very favourite time of the year.

The last thing I need to worry about is rushing out to the shops at the very last minute with 6 little MonsterSquad members in tow to get that one gift I had forgotten about.

Uh huh, no way, not this year.

And to add to my desperate need for organisation, our relatives have announced that they would like to have Christmas at our house this year, which means I really have to get myself sorted….

and quick!

Last year I purchased a copy of The Organised Housewife’s Christmas Planner, to help me stay on track of things and this year, I am going to use it again!

If you’d like to purchase a copy of the planner you can click on the link in my sidebar over there –> –> –> –>

With Christmas at our house for the very first time I will have to organise food, drinks, entertainment etc, on top of everything else I usually do, so having the planner there to record everything and remind me of everything is going to be a godsend.

I’d love for you to share with me some suggestions of food that you serve up at your Christmas Lunch / Dinner. I’d like to add a few new dishes to my usual ‘BBQ’ table.

Thanks πŸ™‚
The Organised Housewife Christmas Planner



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    1. Being a Blended family we have lots of people to visit, so this year we are hosting lunch but it will just be cold. Baked ham, cold BBQ chickens and yummy salads. Followed by hot christmas pudding. No stress on Christmas Day.

    2. We usually have a cold lunch with ham, BBQ chicken and salads as well on Christmas Day and BBQ for Christmas dinner if anyone is still hungry! It's usually just us so I don't need to worry about extra guests.

    3. The first time I hosted Christmas for the inlaws was the year my mother in law passed away and I was 8 months pregnant with Heidi. We had a Hawaiian theme with spit roast meats. It was a tad stressful. Second time round was the year my father in law passed away (I have terrible Christmas hosting luck), I organised big platters of deli meats from Coles, picked them up on Boxing Day .... we'd move the day that year. It was brilliant, so easy, I delegated salad/desserts to various families and everyone pulled together. Relaxed, laid back and there was very little clean up.

    4. Krystal

      Looks like Christmas will be at our house as well this year. I am sick to death of dragging the kids round to 4 or so different places to see all the family. Bugger them! We have decided that since we are the ones with the kids, they can come to us! I have only ever had it at our place once before so it will be a learning experience! Good luck and if you have any tips to get organised PLEASE pop them on your blog!!!

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