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02/09/11 Things I Know-A Link Up With Yay For Home

Sunday, 4th September 2011

02/09/11 Things I Know-A Link Up With Yay For Home

This week’s link up with Yay For Home


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I know that I have been a little irritable lately.

I know that 95% of it has been brought on people’s stupid comments.

I know that I should probably just let most things go and not let them bother me.

I know that one day I will snap and say something I will probably regret.

I know that I am fed up with having to explain and justify every little thing we do as a family.

I know that this will pass but by golly its giving me the sh@!sΒ  right now.


Do you ever have the same problem?

How do you tell people to back off?

Are you able to block negative and stupid comments from your mind or do they bother you?


Let’s hope next week’s Things I Know is of a happier nature!!!

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    1. Yep, I have the same problem. Some comments are easier to ignore than others.... I hope next week is much better & more positive for you :)

    2. I had a similar thing when I started blogging for the Huffington Post. I posted up one of my older posts entitled 'Can Boys Do Ballet?' Nothing offensive in the post but I had comments like 'your family lives in a nut house' . Whne you have only had nice things said to you it's a blooming shock and I was really angry about it for a week. But then I re-grouped my feelings and realised that if someone leaves you crappy comments then other people will read it and the person being nasty will be shown to be the noggins (my 3 yr olds word for stupid!) that they are. Big hugs x

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Annie, the bloggy love is what keeps me sane. In the short time i have been writing about our chaos, i have developed such an amazing online support system. It seems to be others in my 'real' life that irritate the crap out of me!!! But it feels good to vent. I really must practice not taking stuff to heart. Xox

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Melissa! I think it happens to all of us over time. Xox

    5. Cath Marshall

      I take everything to heart, actions and words and I have snapped many a time and then regret it later but that's what depression has done to me. People can sometimes be cruel without even realizing it and it's often people that love to give you their opinion but don't like having anything said back to them.

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