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10 Things That You Probably Dont Care To Know About Me- Tagged by EAT PLAY BOND

Thursday, 13th October 2011

10 Things That You Probably Dont Care To Know About Me- Tagged by EAT PLAY BOND

A couple of weeks back I was ‘Tagged’ in a post by Erin who writes a super cute blog called Eat, Play, Bond.

This said tagging involves me writing a blog post letting you know 10 things about me that you probably don’t know, don’t want to know, or really could’ve survived not knowing….

So I will give it my best shot to entertain you with some useless information.

Number 1:

Apparently, I snore. Sometimes A LOT! This however is really not a problem for me. I can’t hear me, I don’t wake myself up and the neighbors are yet to complain.

Hubby on the other hand likes to make the odd joke about passing freight trains and other deafening sounds at my expense. My response? So glad the sounds that rattle the windows coming from me are coming from my mouth and nose….and not my…ahem….BUTT….Unlike the joker himself….

Number 2:

I am going to put this one out there and say (completely self-diagnosed) that I may suffer from some kind of obsessive compulsive washing folding disorder.

Help around our house is always appreciated. Just don’t fold my washing wrong….. Seriously, if you can’t fold it just like me, please don’t waste your time folding as I will only re-fold it to fit back in the cupboards just the way I like it. I’m not saying your way is wrong. I am just saying my way means the clothes fit in the cupboards better πŸ™‚

Number 3:

I have the most insane fear of birds. I like birds, I just can’t handle the flapping and the beaks scare me quite a bit.

You know what I got last mothers day? A big aviary. I will overcome this fear, one day. For the time being, it’s still in pieces tied to the side fence.Β  Bit of an odd gift to give someone with a giant fear of birds though….. My kids REALLY REALLY love me!

Number 4:

I am almost computer illiterate. Seriously. If it wasn’t for my nerdy husband, my web designing brother and Google, I’m not sure I’d even be writing this right now.

I am getting better, slowly. Just to make life even more interesting I swapped from a Toshiba Laptop to a Mac Book today…. Ahhh this is going to take a while. So glad I have so many helpers that just adore my 3 million questions…..

Number 5:

I love to sing. Loudly.

Nothing makes me more at ease than belting out a few of my faves at full volume along the highway… or in the kitchen. It’s just a damn shame not many other people appreciate my fine singing tone (or lack thereof)…. In fact, it was only the other day my youngest (2&1/2 years old) said “Stop it… My head hurts”… He’s 2 and telling me to shut up…Un-freaking-believable!

Number 6:

I am very very annoying.

I just asked my hubby what he thought I should write and that’s what he said. Apparently, I don’t mean to be annoying, I was just born that way. The rudest part? My mother backs him up. She agrees. Not cool Mum, not cool….

I’ll show them annoying alright…..

Number 7:

I like writing lists.

I love lists, I have a list for nearly everything. I can’t help myself. My children have lists, my husband get a new list almost daily. I bet if you ask me about something, I would have a list for it.

Number 8:

I am allergic to Latex.

You have no idea how many smart-mouthed comments I have received when walking around with 5 & 6 kids and that fact comes up in conversation… It is used almost as often as “Don’t you guys have a TV” or “Haven’t you worked out what causes it yet?”. Yes people, I have heard them all….

Number 9:

I am a clothes-a-holic!

The only problem with this is that I hate 95% of my wardrobe. I long for the day that I can just walk into a store and purchase the clothes that I like, not just the clothes that fit. I love fashion and I have been known to inflict my idea of cool clothes onto my somewhat willing children.

I think I need a fashion stylist and a wardrobe makeover. Where’s Gok when you need him??

Number 10:

I am living the dream…. well sort of.

We all grow up with some kind of dreams and aspirations.

I wanted a house. Done – albeit a shit old one.

I wanted a car. Done – several times cos we’re so good at buying lemons.

I wanted a hubby. Done – He’ll do…. Bahahahha, just kidding dear, you’re the best.

I wanted babies, lots of babies. Almost Done. I wonder if I’ll ever really stop ‘clucking’???

I wanted to write. Done – It’s not Rolling Stone, but it’s still writing…

You see, it’s all in the way you look at the situation.


So arent you glad you just spent the last couple of minutes learning those totally useless facts about me?

Now it’s my turn to tag: (Apologies if you have already been tagged)

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Hope you enjoyed the first ever post from my new Mac Book. Sorry about the lack of pictures (They’re still transferring over), apparently, I take too many of them too!!!

LuV jAc!


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    1. Thanks for playing along! How rude of Mr Sorted to chastise your snoring with his efforts (I have one the same). MAC!!! How exciting, I would love one but will have to put up with the Toshiba for now. I love a bit of singing too, Skye is quite selective about what she will tolerate with a firm mmm-mmm while shaking her head if its not to her taste (also 2). Lists are an absolute must. Good luck with the aviary :)

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Mr Chaos, you mean? Yup, he's just full of fart attitude! I am sure glad i'm not the only one with a 2 year old that can firmly tell you what they want!! Cheeky things they are :-) Toshiba's are good. Got us this far!! Thanks for tagging me! Xox

    3. glenda davies

      No 6 Thats right .All I can say is... oh no

    4. Oh man! I just did a 7 things post last week! I will do it. Have to finish the last 'From The Womb' post. But then I WILL do it. This is very number 6... haha

    5. commonchaoschronicle

      I'm looking forward to both posts then.... :-)

    6. We have so much in common, I love it! I'm OCD about my towels, I roll them a certain way. I have re-rolled a whole basket of towels because I didn't like the way my beloved husband did it. I'm also OCD when it comes to stacking the dishwasher, everything has it's special place. I've often restacked the dishwasher (I know all the tricks to fit more stuff in). I'm obsessed with lists, I'm always scribbling something down. Birds freak me out too. We have a lot of magpies swooping about in St Kilda. They scare the crap out of me. Their beady little eyes freak me out. Thanks for the tag. It was fun to play a long, and it's so lovely to learn more about you!!! xxx

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