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21 Week Ultrasound – I Know Something You Dont Know…

Tuesday, 28th February 2012

21 Week Ultrasound – I Know Something You Dont Know…

OK so last week I went for my 20 week scan. If you’re new to Common Chaos or missed my post you can read all about it HERE.

Today we went back for a re-scan as the sonographer was unable to get all the measurements he needed of bubby’s heart.

He also couldn’t see the sex of our baby clearly either.

So first I must apologise to you all for teasing you earlier on the CCC Facebook Page. The thing is, I really had to tell all the monsters first before sharing our news with the world wide web.

But anyway, you’ll forgive me, wont you?

Back to the scan….

We arrived at the hospital 2 mins late for my appointment. We even left home early but encountered several lots of roadworks on the one hour drive and found it incredibly hard to find a car park once we got there. The lady at the reception desk greeted us with, “Since you’re late I’m unsure if you can be seen today”. I groaned out “it’s 2 freakin’ minutes” as I jiggled and wriggled to ease the pain of my overfull bladder.

Luckily for me, another lady appeared at the desk and had a joke with me about my jiggling and assured us we would be seen as the sonographer was still in his previous appointment.Β  PHEW!

So I don’t know what all the bother was about because he was running nearly 30 mins late.

30 mins late to a woman that’s bladder is beyond full capacity is no laughing matter. In fact, I believe it should be against the law. Cruelty to the pregnant…..

We finally got in the room and I bared my belly as I laid down on the bed to show this slowpoke what it was to be punctual and organised.

I was ready to find out what the sex of my baby was and I wasn’t keen to wait a moment longer.

But of course, he explained his priorities to me and measurements come well before the old gender search. So I laid their gazing at the screen, watching the little flashing heart as he zoomed in and out on it.

Oooh, then I saw a leg. And another leg….. This was it…. He was finally going to have a good look.

Soon as he got a clear view, I knew straight away what I was looking at.

It’s a boy!!! (and what a boy!!!)

Of course he wouldn’t give us a photo of the boy bits, just incase he was wrong, but the 3 of us sitting in that room were fairly certain of what we saw….

So there you have it.

I will end up having 3 of each sex to fill our home.

After thinking that I was probably having a girl for so long, I though I may have been a little disappointed or something. I walked out of that ultrasound room with a grin on my face like the cheshire cat. I am happy.

Wondering what got this baby moving and grooving this time? Before the scan I drank an ice cold can of Coke!!

I hot-footed it to the shops while we waited on Grandma (She had an appointment herself) and I purchased the little man his first romper suit.

I am now looking forward to the massive clean out of baby stuff that I have been storing and collecting all these years.

So long all my cutesy pink things. I will miss them, but will never need them again!



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    1. Cindy

      Woohoo, Congratulations, Jac and family, what an amazing time. And what a gorgeous little romper!!! Looking forward to hearing more about your pregnancy! Xxx

    2. Congratulations. That outfit is so cute :)

    3. Rachel

      I knew it!!!! Yay :)

    4. congrats :) When I went for my 2nd pregnancy scan at 20 weeks.. the screen flicked on and low and behold there was a big shot of these legs and a little triangle in the middle... I said oooh its a boy!! The sonographer said did I want to know? I said ofcourse!!! he said.. yes its a definite boy.. and took a photo of it!! My sister got told she was having a girl the whole way through her pregnancy with all her scans... and had a boy.. (his lil testies hadn't descended)

    5. Oh huge ! congratulations Jac - I couldn't miss my boys either .

    6. Awww...Congrats on finding out the sex of the baby! :) good thinking on drinking the ice cold coke! Lol!

    7. Hi Jac, Congratulatons to you both. Loads of love to you all xxx

    8. I've been away from blogs all week but have been meaning to come check in. Congratulations. Boys are delicious. <3<3<3<3

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