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A ‘One Direction’ Concert ~ The Birthday Surprise Veruca Will Never Ever Forget.

Wednesday, 6th November 2013

A ‘One Direction’ Concert ~ The Birthday Surprise Veruca Will Never Ever Forget.

Hearts pounding…..

Ear piercing squeals…..

And a sea of bleary eyed teenage girls…..

It can only mean one thing right?

One Direction 4

Yep. There we were standing amongst the crowd waiting to see the MonsterSquad Girls ‘all time favourite band’ ONE DIRECTION!

I know, I would never have ever suspected me, of all people, would be writing about this band, let alone going to see them, so here’s the story of how we managed to celebrate Veruca’s 7th Birthday with a surprise she (and her sisters) will never ever forget…

Several months ago now, Veruca and Zafirah started getting right into One Direction. I had a sneaking suspicion that Aria was also quite keen, but due to the relentless teasing MonsterSquad Dad put forward about the young men, she kept it on the low down. (Please note Aria, that mothers always know…. ;-))

The force of the catchy music grew stronger and stronger and before I knew it, I had 3 One Direction mega fans in my house.


So we asked Little Miss Veruca what she she would like for her upcoming birthday and she proudly announced that she would like some One Direction ‘Stuff’. Well that was totally do-able I thought, there’s One Direction EVERYTHING on the shelves at the moment. Too Easy.

But life is never just ‘too easy’ when I am involved.

I started to think more and more about what I could do for Veruca to make it a special birthday for her. I got on eBay and started checking out One Direction listings to see if I could find her something collectable or unique. As I started to scroll I noticed listing after listing of concert tickets up for sale.


Uhuh, I thought, I will get her some tickets…..

Keep scrolling…..

Keep scrolling…..


Maybe not. If only I knew that the girls were going to become obsessed Directioners 12mths ago when the concerts sold out, then I wouldn’t be so outraged right now. And then of course I started thinking that every ticket seller must have been a scam artist after my hard earned money and quickly closed the eBay page.

As a last ditch effort before I canned the concert idea, I decided to check the Ticketek website.

To my surprise there were some tickets available, they were a last minute release due to a stage change, and were cheaper than the other tickets in the stadium. Oh, I just couldn’t decide if I should buy them or not.

I clicked on the buy tickets link at it came up with a warning that the tickets I was about to purchase had a ‘restricted’ view…. Hmmm was it even going to be worth going?

I consulted MonsterSquad Dad who proceeded to laugh hysterically at me, before ranting about how there was no way in the universe he was going to go to the concert so if I was buying tickets, I’d be taking them on my own….. Uhuh. I guess that was a, ‘just buy them, you know you want to’…… So I did. Hehehe.

For the first time ever, our girls had a common interest, they were getting along and sharing with each other and had that excited sparkle in their eyes.

Despite the painful repetitiveness of the music, I was going to nurture this baby in hope of creating memories that these monster sisters could cherish forever.

The concert would be half a month or so before Veruca’s actual birthday, but it would be worth it to see their little faces light up.

So, the tickets were purchased, I ordered some discounted 1D t-shirts and pencil cases online and waited patiently for it all to arrive.

A week before the concert, we told Veruca that it was time to celebrate her ‘early birthday’, and that we’d be giving her, a gift after dinner that night.

Excited much? She sure was. So we recorded her opening the gift box.

At first she groaned, unaware of what the pieces of cardboard actually were on top of the wrapped gifts. As their eyes slowly read over the information on the tickets, you could see their faces light up one by one until we had a mini chorus of squeals and delight around the dinner table. These little Monsters were going to their first ever concert.

One Direction 1

6 long days passed of super excited kiddies, and the same CD’s being played over and over again. It got to the point where I had heard the songs being chanted out loud so many times that I realised I actually knew most of the words too…. Ahhh a sad, sad day in my rock music filled mind!!!

The 29th of October 2013 had finally arrived and we had decided to make a ‘girls day’ out of it. We did our hair and fussed over our clothes. We caught the train to Ballarat where MonsterSquad Dad would meet up with us later on for the drive into Melbourne. We had lunch together, we did some shopping and the girls talked non-stop about all the things they hoped to see and hear later on in the night.

One Direction 8

We met up with MonsterSquad Dad and headed towards Melbourne. We were making great time right up until the very last stretch of road before the venue. There were so many young people getting dropped off at the concert that the traffic was almost at a standstill. 45mins later, we were able to jump out of the van safely and leave MonsterSquad Dad to fend for himself in the horrendous traffic jam.

We entered the venue as the support band started to play. We had no idea who they were and the girls were more interested in checking out the 1D merchandise display. We stood sandwiched in that line for the entire length of the support band’s set.

I was slightly surprised by the prices of the merchandise. Although $30 for a t-shirt and $50 for a jumper sounds expensive, the last few times we purchased concert merchandise at the likes of Metallica, Foo Fighters and Tool, we were paying $50 for a t-shirt and $90 for a jumper.

As far as concert merchandise goes, it was really quite reasonable. They chose a few bits and pieces including a a $5 necklace and a set of 8×10 photos for $2. Bonus, and cheaper than the printer ink I would use to print them myself!

We then moved on inside the concert venue to find our seats.

One Direction 3

We were right around the side of the stage. So far around, that we were behind the massive screens they have displaying images through the show, and the big black fabric hanging up to block off the view of the 1D stage basically cut our view of everything.

I was not looking forward to the whinging if they couldn’t see anything, but had an inkling that that fabric would be raised and we would actually have a pretty awesome view. After all, we were in row L, which is pretty close to the front at Rod Laver Arena!

The excitement in the room built with each and every song that was played while we waited for the band to start. I watched as the kids busted out their best Macerena and Grease moves, and laughed at how they were amazed at the continuous Mexican Wave that circled the room time and time again. My gosh it brought back so many great memories from my teenage years.

As the lights dimmed, the shrill screaming of manic girls sent shivers all through us, and the black fabric was raised to reveal the One Direction boys (I say boys, because the really do look like they’re 12 on stage).

One Direction 5

Right before Veruca, Zafirah and Aria’s eyes were their heart throbs, right there in the flesh and they could no longer contain themselves. We had a fantastic view that was not restricted or obstructed at all. YEY for cheap tickets!!!

We sang together, we danced together and we had a fantastic time.Β  The 1D boys were very hard to understand when they spoke, possibly a combination of thick accents and sitting to the side of the massive amps, but it didn’t really matter to the girls.

Half way through their set-list, they jumped aboard a floating stage and serenaded their screaming fans as they traveled the length of the venue to another stage. I thought this was a fantastic way to get closer to the fans that were right up the back. When they returned to the main stage, my girls realised how lucky they were to be that close!

We watched as Niall drummed with their drummer right near us and Veruca swooned as Harry looked her in the eye and blew her a kiss. They certainly take the time to ‘eyeball’ and wave at as many of their fans as they can, and the simple fact that they didn’t mime and actually sang their songs got the thumbs up from me.

One Direction 7

It was a long concert, 22 songs, and nearing the end (around 11pm) the girls were running out of steam big time. It had been a massive day and they were exhausted and struggling to stand up. A quick dash to the toilet while we waited for the encore gave them a new lease on life, or maybe it was just the songs ‘Best Song Ever’ and ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ that sent them into a frenzy but by the time the lights went up at the end of the show, all 3 girls were alive with amazement and thrilled to bits with their first concert experience.

One Direction 6

I am so glad I gave my girls this opportunity, and that Veruca had (in her words) THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!

I have put together this You Tube clip as a little memory collage for the girls to keep. There’s some sneaky footage of the show included, but its not state of the art video and sound quality. It was super secret squirrel business as I did not want my phone confiscated! The things you do for your kids…… I hope your little ‘Directioners’ enjoy the few snippets I managed to get!Β  πŸ™‚

Now, somebody PLEASE play some rock music!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


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    1. OMGOSH! I can't wait to take Eme and Seth to their first real concerts! I wonder what they'll be? I remember my parents surprising us with Wham tickets when I was just 10 years old, and it was like all my Christmases had come at once. What a special birthday present. You're the best mum ever Jac! LisaW recently posted...Milo, the official drink of play...and cricket!My Profile

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