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Are The Monsters Really Monsters?

Saturday, 25th February 2012

Are The Monsters Really Monsters?

After writing a status on my Facebook Common Chaos Chronicle Page about the over night dilemma of our kids getting up and destroying the house, I got to thinking….

It crossed my mind that I may actually be painting these children as the work of the devil.

Now I am not one of these mums that will sit here and swear till I’m blue in the face that I have perfect children.

Uh uh, not me.

I dont believe any of us are ‘PERFECT’, myself included, but I did all of a sudden feel the need to clear this up.

I call my kids the MonsterSquad in a light hearted joking manner. Like all kids they have their MONSTER moments.

Now when they have a monster moment I like to share it.

Why? Because if I don’t just vent it out some days, I could possibly lose my mind.

I like to share it because I am always interested in other peoples advice and opinions.

There may be something I hadn’t thought of, something we haven’t tried yet.

No matter what, I feel like it’s worth putting it out there to see what you all have to say.

I think it also shows what living in a large family in today’s society is really like too.

My children can be Monsters, but on a whole, they’re really quite well adjusted little people.

They are bright, somewhat well mannered, caring and friendly.

If we could sort this sleeping business out we’d be set.

I am certain there are answers out there for us, as I am certain we are not the only people dealing with this issue. I am just not afraid to put it out there and ask for help.

I do love my monsters, even when I am sleep deprived, cranky and desperate for a nap!!!

Thank you all for your constant input and advice on my status updates. Keep it coming as it’s always nice to see your names pop up.

Likewise, if there is anything you would like me to ask our readers on behalf of you, be sure to send me an email at

I love that we have become a community that can help each other.

This is our 'Overnight Monster'. This is also why I cannot stay mad at her for long. πŸ™‚




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    1. Oh gosh how could you ever be mad at this adorable girl. I know what you mean and I only have 2 monsters at home now. I like it when people share their monster's exploits because I know I am not alone. I have no advice though sorry.

    2. Your 'overnight monster' reminds me of my Master 6. He can torture his sisters and throw a mean tantrum but it's when he turns around & gives you that look that makes you melt, you know he's got you wrapped around his fingers. So I totally get how you can't stay mad at your girl for long. :)

    3. No advise here either - i have 3 'all day monsters' that dont put on a show in public, so like your gorgeous monster, one look at their face and no one believes a word I say,.

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