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Asthma Peeps – Making Asthma Management Fun For Kids!

Monday, 22nd October 2012

Asthma Peeps – Making Asthma Management Fun For Kids!

My first ever run in with Asthma was as a teenager.

It was school fun run time and I was super unfit and unwell with bronchitis. The PE Sports teacher we had at the time was far from sympathetic and pushed me to keep moving until I basically collapsed.

At a later doctor’s appointment, the doctor asked me if anything like the previous statement had ever happened to me before, which triggered the memory, and landed my with a diagnosis of Bronchial Asthma.

I seemed to get it whenever I caught a really bad cold or chest infection but the occasional use of a preventor and some Ventolin did the trick to keep it under control.

Years later and before I had children, while working as a Child Care Assistant, a child with extremely bad asthma was left in my care. He had it so bad and had so many triggers that he had to carry around an oxygen/Ventolin type plug in machine.

I cannot begin to imagine how frightening it must have been for him when the attacks came on, let alone how scary it would have been for his parents.

Luckily, we never had to use his machine in an emergency, but when my own son became a little breathless after physical activity, I started to question it and notice some of the same behaviors and symptoms that I had seen in the other child years earlier.

A trip to the doctor suggested that Jai may suffer from Exercised-Induced Asthma. For me this probably wouldn’t be a great big deal, as you know, I’m no demon on the track and field circuit, but Jai runs like the wind, loves a game of footy and is very rarely sitting still.

So the doctor prescribed Jai with some Ventolin to use if he needed it and told us to return if it got worse.

The hardest part about it all was explaining the condition to Jai. It was hard for him to understand why something like this might happen to him, and he really struggled with the idea of the ‘medicine’ being in the form of a puffer through a spacer.

It took a lot of practice (and patience) to get it right and eventually he was able to work it all out for himself. I am so thankful that his condition is so mild and that he is able to take care of it relatively easily, most times on his own.

Asthma Peeps Products and Logo

What would have made life a whole lot easier when Jai first got his diagnosis, is ASTHMA PEEPS!

When Kym Latter, the founder of Asthma Peeps, contacted me to see if I would like to have a look at the Asthma Peeps range, I thought to myself, “It’s about time there was a product like this”.

I checked out the website and was so impressed with the products available and the information that you can find in their very own blog posts.

All kids like stickers, right? Well most of them do, I know mine do for sure. So Asthma Peeps have designed a range of funky looking stickers, to decorate your child’s spacer and puffer. Pretty awesome really and a fabulous distraction from the ordeal of taking medications! Also great if you have a couple of children using the spacers, to tell them apart!

They have also released a fantastic children’s picture book called The Trouble With Bear Hugs – A story about asthma, that shows us what Asthma is like through a child’s perspective.

Asthma Peeps also produce ‘Asthma Emergency Wallet Cards’, that allow you to write you child’s medication information on, plus they also have some basic steps for people to follow should your child have an attack in an emergency situation.

Asthma Peeps 2

Perfect for when they go off to sleep overs, school excursions and sports events.

When I showed Jai the stickers he was quick to snap up the Dinosaur one. Turns out that most kids like stickers and dinosaurs too!

We read the book together as a family which sparked a discussion about some of their school friends that have Asthma. I think it’s anΒ  important thing for children to be aware of, even if they don’t have Asthma, because one day it may be them helping a friend in the school yard with it.

Jai using Asthma Peeps

I think Asthma Peeps are really onto something here and that’s why I wanted to share it with all of you guys that read Common Chaos Chronicle.

Now I know many of you have children that suffer with Asthma, or little relatives that do, so the awesome folk at Asthma Peeps have given me one very cool pack to give away!

Their Prize Pack (Valued at $70+) Contains:

– A copy of our new children’s book “The Trouble With Bear Hugs – A Story About Asthma”
– All 6 characters in our Asthma Peeps Sticker Sets (Lady-peep, Sparkle-peep, Pearly-peep, Pirate-peep, Dino-peep and Super-peep)
– A State-of-the-art Bird Healthcare La Petite Asthma Spacer
– A pack of Asthma Emergency Wallet Cards (6 cards)

So how do I win it? I hear you mumble….

Simply tell me what sticker character your child would choose to use and why…..

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    1. Wow what a cool idea! It's good that they're now having such initiatives to help kids and adults understand Asthma. My kids don't suffer from Asthma but, I've heard that those who have major eczema problems as a child would later develop to have asthma. I suspect either Miss 10 or Master 6 would get that...although I hope not because Master 6 loves his sport! P.S I'm not entering this giveaway. xx

    2. Trudy

      Fantastic idea! Hamish (5 years old) has Bronchial Asthma (so does his mummy). We have had 2 emergency trips to hospital (1 very scary one, where he went blue at daycare). The positive from this was we, as a family, and daycare, had to review our asthma management plans. Since then (18months ago), he has had his tonsils removed, and only 1 mild attack since. However, it worries me constantly, especially at school. Hamish has his own asthma bag (made by belloalito, and purchased in a facebook auction). However, he still has no desire to use his puffer, when needed, at school...its just not cool. I think Hamish would love a "super-peep" sticker to help make his puffer cool! Cheers Trudy xx

    3. Krystal

      Both Christopher, diagnosed when he was 1 and myself, have Bronchial Asthma and it makes for a horroble winter as we usually get very "croopy" in the cold weather. Also, because I am so unfit at the moment, my treadmill has my asthma inhaler as a permanent fixture when I am working out hahaha. Chris really hates having to use his puffer/spacer and luckily we haven't had to use it very often. Because he is autistic, he really struggles to understand why he has to use it and fights me at every turn to put this strange object in his mouth and get the gist of breathing in the medicine. I think he would love the "Pirate-peep" sticker, because he absolutely loves Pirates right now, due to his obsession with Spyro Skylanders.

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